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Category: Nutrition

Eat This, Not That: The Best and Worst Condiments

Condiments come in jars, tubes, bottles, and packets and range from black pepper to pancake syrup to Sriracha. Designed to enhance the flavor of a particular dish or favorite snack, some condiments — even a small drizzle or quick pour — are packed with excess calories, processed ingredients, and extra sodium or sugar. Though condiments […]

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Category: Nutrition, Videos

Inspirational Story: How Jennifer Released 152 Pounds

You may have heard the quote, “Let food be thy medicine.” That’s the path 30 Day New You Challenge participant, Jennifer Niblett, opted to take after the pounds crept on, “diets” didn’t work, and she found herself with health issues related to her weight. At over 300 pounds and on a lot of medications, Jennifer’s […]

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