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ManifestivalTM Podcast by

Danette May

There’s an infinite field of possibility swirling around you. Are you grabbing a hold of it to create the life you want?

Welcome to ManifestivalTM, an audible experience where you’ll receive profound breakthroughs, obtain courage to break old patterns and live into your soul’s purpose.

I’m your host, Danette May and I have had the honor of inspiring & transforming MILLIONS of people around the world to step into their unlimited potential by harnessing their energy field through my sought after coaching programs, my renowned personal transformation experiences and my one-of-a-kind superfood line.

Live Coaching

I’m bringing you real-life examples of some of the world’s most accomplished individuals who have learned to use this energy field to create miracles. The purpose of sharing these stories is to show you that anyone––including you––has the power to generate these possibilities if you tap into your intention and energy properly.

I am also sharing my expertise with you, where I’ll coach live guests through some of life’s biggest obstacles.

That’s right, I am bringing YOU on the show to ask me your juiciest, burning questions that you just haven’t been getting the right advice for. You can share anything from your mundane sex life, to your infertility, to an addiction you’re living through, or even a supernatural experience that you’ve had––like I said, ANYTHING. And don’t worry, you can remain anonymous.

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Our podcast manager will reach out to you directly via email to schedule your coaching session with Danette.
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Due to the high volume of responses, our team can only reach out to those who have been selected to be featured on the podcast. If you would like to submit another application with a new question, you are welcome to do so.
How long are the coaching sessions?
The coaching sessions are 5-10 minutes each.
When will my podcast episode be aired?
Air dates are dependent on our schedule and when your episode is recorded. Our team will email you directly when your episode is released. Please note that even if you record an episode with Danette there isn’t a guarantee that your episode will be aired on the podcast.
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