‘‘Rise up in to your fullest, truest expression’’


Work directly with Danette as she guides you through live coaching sessions, restorative retreats, and other healing modalities to help you rise to your next level of growth and transformation.

Premium Coaching

Through my Premium Coaching, I help women around the world un-layer themselves to rediscover the deep, profound self-love that they are capable of.

In the program, women like you uncover their natural intuition and unlimited potential so that they can manifest their abilities, properly nurture their most treasured relationships, and achieve the success they deserve.

From discovering what your true purpose is, to actually living it… I believe in you and we'll do it together.

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Costa Rica Healing Retreat

A Deep subconscious healing experience with Danette May & other world renowned healers in beautiful Costa Rica! Release blocks, experience expansion, FUN and deep connection to operate in your fullest expression and manifest your dreams.

This elite, 7 day, 5 star retreat with Danette May & other hand curated global healers has been carefully crafted to create lasting change in your life. By rewiring your neuropathways, removing subconscious blocks, and allowing nature to be your greatest healer, we will be setting a pathway for your ultimate peace, joy and expansion.. Every experience will be specifically curated for your ultimate growth, relaxation, & renewal…

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The new proven way to succeed in business, achieve big goals, and harness the raw power inside of you.

This deep 9 month journey is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It is only for a few hand-selected individuals who are looking for ultimate growth spiritually, physically and mentally so they can develop and create the audacious dreams in their hearts…

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VIP Expansion Coaching

For the very first time, I’m opening up one-on-one coaching, dedicated to helping you overcome any subconscious blocks, discover any lingering traumas, heal, nurture, and manifest your most vibrant life…

It is my purpose in life to help others just like you to unleash your fullest potential, to harness an unseen force of energy that makes life flow and allows more authentic abundance to come in so you can become your truest, fullest version of yourself….