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Overcoming Expectations

Today, I have the BEST news. It’s something I’ve wanted to share with you for a very long time and now I finally can.    You see, I’m known [...]

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Category: Wellness

Supercharge Your Immune System With This Flu Shot Smoothie

Flu season is in full swing, and if just the thought of catching the flu has you down, we have the ultimate flu-fighting smoothie recipe for you. This flu-fighting smoothie will help rev up your immune system, giving it the power it needs to kick into high gear and keep your body strong and healthy […]

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Category: Nutrition, Wellness

Gut Healthy Foods That Will Make Your Body’s Microbiome Smile

The effects of an unhealthy gut can be disabling. When you have poor gut health you feel sick and low on energy. You’re stressed, bloated, and suffer from fuzzy thinking. Figuring out what’s wrong is just the beginning: then you need to fix things. There are two steps you need to take to heal an […]

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