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Category: Videos, Wellness

Overcoming Expectations

Today, I have the BEST news. It’s something I’ve wanted to share with you for a very long time and now I finally can.    You see, I’m known [...]

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Category: Nutrition, Videos

Inspirational Story: How Jennifer Released 152 Pounds

You may have heard the quote, “Let food be thy medicine.” That’s the path 30 Day New You Challenge participant, Jennifer Niblett, opted to take after the pounds crept on, “diets” didn’t work, and she found herself with health issues related to her weight. At over 300 pounds and on a lot of medications, Jennifer’s […]

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Danette May's Push Up Challenge
Category: Fitness, Videos

Push It Real Good – My Push-Up Challenge is ON!

Who’s ready to push themselves? I hope you raised your hand because I’m hosting a Push-Up Mini Challenge and I want YOU (and your friends & family) to join in, too!   Each day for 7 days, we’ll challenge our upper bodies and core, proving to ourselves just how strong we really are. There are […]

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mug of golden milk tea on table
Category: Videos

Soothing & Sensational Golden Milk Tea

Step into my kitchen with me and let’s make the most soothing and healing Golden Milk Tea you can get your hands on! Featuring turmeric and ginger, this golden spice tea is not only delicious, it’s a health-packed powerhouse that positively affects everything from your skin to your organs. Just one serving of Golden Milk […]

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Danette May standing outside 10 minute workout
Category: Fitness, Videos

If You Have 10 Minutes, You Have Time for This Quick Workout

Have 10 minutes? This quick workout delivers massive results in just a little time! You don’t even need a single piece of equipment — just grab some water and your positive attitude, and let’s do this! Note: This is a full-body workout. I give modifications on one of the moves, but you should always meet […]

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