90 Second Trick to Do After a Cheat Meal

Thanks for coming along on our Thanksgiving adventures here in North Carolina. We ran the turkey trot, we ate, we gave thanks, and we even carried on a tradition from Great Grandma and ate the turkey neck. In this video you will find a 90 second trick you can do after any cheat "free meal" that will help burn up the extra sugars so they ... Watch Video »

Daily Inspiration with Danette – Thanksgiving

In this short video, I want to give you a mantra you can use to get grounded and find your peace during your holiday time with family and friends. Yours in health, Danette P.S. Please share this inspiration with your loved ones and don't forget to leave me a comment below. ... Watch Video »

5 Ways to Step More Fully In To Bliss

At my Pura Vida Costa Rica Retreat, working with game changers and world leaders to help them strip layers to their true potential. In this video, my co-leader and retreat partner, Lindsay talks about how to step more fully in to your wild woman and pure bliss. Want to come to my All Women's "IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE" Retreat? Please ... Watch Video »

Fat Burning Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I hope you enjoy this video sharing one of my favorite go to 'sweet' snacks. It only has 5 ingredients and is super simple to make. What I LOVE about this recipe is that it contains the perfect amount of protein (BioTrust is my favorite protein for baking) and good fats to keep you in fat burning mode and keep you feeling full and satisfied. And ... Watch Video »

Danette May’s Morning Rituals

Good morning my friend! I hope today is filled with love and you find one or three things you are grateful for. I am grateful for you! Keep shining and being YOU in all your brilliance. Yours in health, Danette P.S. Share this with your friends and I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! Do you have a morning ritual? ... Watch Video »

Fast Fat Burning Hotel Workout -NYC Adventures

I always like to keep my body moving. Yes, even on vacation. Heck, especially on vacation! It's what my body needs to keep energy levels up so I can make the most of my travel plans. So come along with me for this quick workout and my adventures in New York City! Yours in health, Danette P.S. Please share this with your friends ... Watch Video »

How to Stick with Your Meal Plan While Traveling- NYC Adventure

I'm so happy to bring you along on my recent adventure to the Big Apple! My husband planned this fun little date trip to New York City for us and I thought it was a great chance to share with you what I pack to eat when I'm traveling. So come along on our adventure and I'd love to hear from you! Have you ever been to New York City? Truly ... Watch Video »

Danette May’s 2017 Women’s Vail Retreat

I'm so excited for my next "It's Your Time to Shine" Women's Retreat! A lot of you must be too because it's filling up fast!! I'd love for YOU to join us in the Colorado Rocky Mountains this Summer too. Register here while space remains--> I'll feed your mind, body and soul with all the empowering love and energy that ... Watch Video »

My Favorite Detoxing Teas/ Chai Tea

Chai Tea is one of my favorite detox teas and I'm excited to share ALL of these great Chai teas blends with you. Wait until you see all of these and oh how I wish you could smell them right now! Are you a tea lover like me?  Shop Pekoe Sip House for the perfect Chai Tea bundle created just for tea drinkers like yourself! Get 33% off the Spiced ... Watch Video »

Superfood Coffee: Good for Your Health and Slims the Waistline

I know a lot of you love drinking coffee! This recipe works great in tea as well. Why not get all the benefits you can out of your morning java?! The recipe I'm sharing here is great to drink before your workout and what a delicious way to rev up your metabolism to help your body burn even more fat! Yours in Health, Danette P.S. ... Watch Video »