Hip Flexor stretch – Flattens Belly and Elongates Muscles

It's easy to get really tight in the hip flexors. Working at a desk , driving a lot or even stress can cause the hip flexors to tighten. Your hips flexors and your Abs are best friends so it's important to use the stretches in my video to release that hip flexor tension. Believe me, your Abs and your hips will thank you! Yours in ... Watch Video »

Tips for Eating Healthy While on Vacation- What NOT to do

Vacation season is in full swing here in the U.S. and a lot of you have been asking me how to eat healthy while traveling. I know exactly how you're feeling, you don't want to seem rude, you want to have fun. I've got you covered! Listen up for my best practical tips for eating healthy while on vacation. I''ll tell you exactly what I do so ... Watch Video »

Advanced Belly Flattening V-Roll

I have a lot of favorite Abdominal moves, but this one takes "favorite" to a whole new level. Most Ab movements incorporate one muscle group and if you're lucky, two muscle groups. In this movement, you activate all 4 muscle groups that reside in your abs. Your abdominals actually wrap around and attach to your lower back. This movement won't ... Watch Video »

Behind the scenes at Hanuman Festival

It was such an honor to teach at Hanuman Festival in Boulder Colorado. Being at Festivals can be exhausting. But if you eat healing foods and foods that give you energy, you can end up enjoying your time and feeling amazing despite the long days and meeting lots of people. In this video you will find 3 recipes of quick delicious, energy ... Watch Video »

90 Second Morning Abundance Stretch

Gathering energy around you as you move and sway with the world, is one of the greatest ways you can call more abundance and peace in to your life. This 90 second stretch will ease your soul as well as call in the abundance that is yours for the taking. Do this each morning and night and start noticing the shift within your soul as it ... Watch Video »

Fat Torching Workout

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of teaching at Afest in Mykonos Greece. I love being around so many inspiring entrepreneurs trying to make the world a better place. My method for teaching is quick, effective workouts, that incorporate multiple muscle groups for maximum results in less time. You can follow along in this video and do the ... Watch Video »

Family Adventure to Gili Air Island – Pt. 2

I am so excited to bring you along as my family and I visit Gili Air Island! It's a tiny island in Bali and there are no motor bikes or cars there. Everyone travels by horse and carriage or bicycle. Oh and here's Part 1 of our adventure, in case you missed it.  I'll show you what we ate on our trip too! Come along with us! Yours in ... Watch Video »

Family Adventure to Gili Air Island

I'm so excited to share my family's adventure to Gili Air Island in Indonesia. This island has no motor bikes or cars. Everything is operated by horse drawn carriages or bikes. We had such a great time unwinding..as the wifi was also in the stone age. I enjoyed traveling via boat to this beautiful island. You can always find healthy options ... Watch Video »

Visiting the Bali Orphanages

I am so humbled and shaking with excitement to share this with you today. This experience has allowed me to grow and in sharing and giving, I have gained so much! I stand in eternal gratitude that I've shared this time in Bali with my kids and my husband. So THANK YOU for coming along with us on this emotional, life changing journey! Yous ... Watch Video »

Total Body Workout

Check out this view! Couldn't you workout here ALL DAY ?! I'm going to show you a whole new way to plank today. I've been researching the LLPT (Long Lever Posterior Tilt) plank and wow, is it effective! This type of plank combined with my total body moves, will get you quicker results in half the time. So come on....let's get this Total ... Watch Video »