If You Have 10 Minutes, You Have Time for This Quick Workout


Have 10 minutes? This quick workout delivers massive results in just a little time! You don't even need a single piece of equipment — just grab some water and your positive attitude, and let's do this!

Note: This is a full-body workout. I give modifications on one of the moves, but you should always meet yourself where you are and modify accordingly. Push yourself where and when you can, but never overdo it. This is a quick workout, and you got this!

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  1. Rachael

    I’ve got mum bod and no matter what I do the results aren’t coming I’m not big but I’m soft with no tone I hate my tummy and thighs HELPPPPPP

    1. Danette May

      Many of our readers have health/weight challenges similar to yours. It may indeed be from the restrictive diets that over a period of time can play havoc on your metabolism. Detoxing often this will reset imbalances in your body and start kicking your metabolism back into high gear.

      I suggest to take our toxicity quiz here –> https://danettemay.com/toxicityquiz/

      Much love! – Admin Ivy

  2. Jan Chadburn

    Hello Danette,

    Love the 10 minute workout but as I have shoulder and wrist issues, would love to see one that uses less plank exercises but is just as effective.

    Thanks very much,

  3. Roohi Ansari

    Hi Danette May ur my inspiration I’m 33yr old I just went to abortion n depression I try doing exercise my body give up have no stength my legs looks saggy with cellulite plz help me to get back on my feet I lost my job i was a flight Attendant for United almost 10 yrs flying . Plz help