Hot Toddy Recipe for Beauty


Today we are going to learn how to make beauty hot toddy to enhance your beauty!

This easy to make and serve decadent drink will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul!



~ 1 Scoop of Cacao Bliss 

~ ¼ Tsp Maca Powder

~ 1 Tbsp Collagen

~ Dash of Cinnamon

~ Dash of Cardamom

~ ½ cup Almond Milk

~ ½ cup Hot Water


Mix everything in a cup and top it with whipped coconut cream! –

Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious? This amazing blend will help you with your HAIR, SKIN and NAIL GROWTH. Enjoy!

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Yours in health and happiness,


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  1. Patricia Angella Patterson-Dunn

    Love all cacao recipes especially when I need a good night rest, I just made myself a cup of hot cacao and I am out like a baby