5 Reasons to Train Your Glute Muscles

Remember when you were in middle school and you learned the words “gluteus maximus?” Back then it was funny. Today you take it seriously, as your glutes may be a prime target for getting into shape.

But did you know that there’s more to strong glutes than looking good in a bikini?

It turns out that the three muscles that make up your gluteals (maximus, medius and minimus) combine with the muscles of your hamstring to make up the body’s biggest and strongest muscle group. The keep us stable when we move and help us turn and climb.

They make us stand up straight and support the rest of our muscles so that we can avoid pain in our knees, hips and lower back.

A strong set of glutes will make you a better athlete, make you look better, and even keep your bones strong.

They can also help you lose weight!

5 Surprising Benefits to Training Your Glutes

1. Improve Your Posture side by side of woman with bad posture and good posture

Read any article on back pain and you’re sure to find that you need to improve your posture. We all spend so much time sitting that we end up slouching. The use of tablets and smartphones hasn’t helped.

Not only does poor posture lead to pain, but it can also make you look bad. It creates the look of a belly, even if you don’t have one. If you strengthen your glutes, you will automatically start standing up straighter. Try squats, lunges and deadlifts for a quick fix.

2. Prevent Injury

Staying strong is always a good thing, but making your glutes strong can actually help avoid injury. Weak glutes can’t support your body, and this puts too much stress on other muscles.

You risk hurting back muscles, your knees and your ankles because of a lack of stability.  Try adding hip thrusts, weighted clamshells and single-leg deadlifts to your routine to add strength.

3. Boost Your Workout

If you want to get more power, strengthen your glutes. They are the source of speed and acceleration.

Strong glutes also can endure longer, tougher workouts than weak ones. They can jump higher too. By focusing on the glute and hamstring muscles you will be able to work out harder and get more out of it.

4. Up Your Bone Density 

As we get older, we all need to worry about bone loss. Our bodies get rid of old bone faster than they can build new. That puts us at risk for fractures and even for osteoporosis.  

The good news is that weight-bearing exercise that stress the bones actually helps to build bone. Focus on the lower body and the glute muscles because that is where your biggest bones are.

5. Lose Fat and Keep It Off

We all know that muscle burns fat (and if not, here's why), and the glute muscles are the biggest in the body. The stronger and denser our glute muscles are, the more metabolically active they are. That means they burn more fat.

So, if you’re going to build muscle, it makes sense to focus on the biggest ones in the body.

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Yours in health and happiness,


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