Time to Ditch the Scale


In today's video, I get real candid and share the reasons “why” you shouldn't rely on the scale to measure your success.

It can be very easy to fall into the habit of weighing yourself every day (or even multiple times a day). I want you to break free from that pattern. It could be JUST the thing that's holding you back.

I explain the Science behind why I say – ditch the scale – so check out this quick video and set yourself free!

Give this advice a try – just for one month and let me know how it worked out for you. I think you'll feel liberated by knowing the REAL measures of success!

Yours in health and happiness,


P.S. Share this with your friends and I invite you to leave me a comment below. How often do you weigh yourself?

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  1. Wilma shatney

    I weigh myself once a week. I have dieted my entire life, and have struggled always with my weight since I can remember. I hope I have good luck with your diet.

  2. Anna Marie

    Makes so much sense what you say about the scale! I know in the past I lived on that scale and just wanted to throw it out the window. Lately I’m afraid to get on it.
    It’s been so hard to lose weight or even get myself motivated enough to exercise. ? But I’ll get there. I just need to push myself more. Thank you for you and helping.

  3. Nay

    I love my scale. I get immediate gratification for a job well dine n inspiration to keep up the good work.
    I feel proud of myself n inspired to leave those carbs behind.
    Lost 6 lbs in 6 days n have kept all but 1 off.

  4. Sherry-Lou Dmytrow

    So true.. Too many of us have been taught from an early age that weighing ourselves will tell us what our body weight is and never given the specifics of the numbers on the scale. Honestly, I too fall to that scale of numbers. It’s hard to know if your on the right track or not. I don’t do a lot of exercises but I feel good when I actively do them a couple of times a week. I am my worst enemy and some how sabbatage myself when I start going in the right direction for me. Consistency is very difficult for me when it feels good to move but also feels good to rest too. Big struggle with that.