Healthy Chocolate Popsicles


Check out this easy to make treat made with 4 simple ingredients!

The kids helped me make these delicious Popsicles using decadent Cacao Bliss so they're loaded with superfoods. The kids just taste chocolatey goodness! 

You will feel like you are cheating every time you eat one, but your body will know you are not, and thank YOU for it!

Healthy Cacao Popsicles


1 cup water

1 sliced fresh

frozen banana

½ cup coconut/almond milk

3 scoops of Cacao Bliss or raw cacao

Handful of fresh greens


Place all the popsicle ingredients into your blender and blend well. Divide the mixture among the popsicle molds and place a wooden stick in each compartment.

Freeze for at least 4 hours. Enjoy!

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Yours in health and happiness,


P.S. Please share this recipe so moms everywhere will know that there's a fun, delicious way to get superfoods in their kids! I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. How long would these popsicles last in your house? 

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    1. Danette May

      Hi Annette, while we do not have a print button yet, you can right click on your mouse and click on print or just press control P and the print option will pop out. 🙂 – Admin Ivy

  1. Nelda Blake

    Hi, I did the 3 day detox. Just coming off the diet today. I had a smoothie this morning that I’ve had a thousand times. It tasted sooooo sweet, I thought I had done something wrong. But I used the same ing. as always. Is this normal. I only had maybe half of it, poured the rest down the drain.

    1. Danette May

      Hi Nelda, based on my own experience, everything tasted too sweet for me after the detox. The detox will reset the imbalances in our body and this is one of the effects of it. I take this as a good thing so I can control my sugar intake. – Much love! – Admin Ivy

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you for the keto recipe s. You did not include the number grams of carbs in the flourless cake one that is the one I read through. Ketoers need to list them in their daily logs.
    Also keto does not include bananas. Only fruit allowed are berries
    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it

    1. Danette May

      You are welcome Vanessa. Sorry but we do not have the nutritional information but feel free to substitute the banana with keto approved fruit. I am sure it will be as good as this. Much love!- Admin Ivy

    1. Danette May

      Hi Pamela, thank you for reaching out. I can see that our team has handled this and has sent your a replacement. So sorry for the inconvenience. ! Much love! – Admin Ivy