Inspirational Story: How Jennifer Released 152 Pounds

You may have heard the quote, “Let food be thy medicine.” That's the path 30 Day New You Challenge participant, Jennifer Niblett, opted to take after the pounds crept on, “diets” didn't work, and she found herself with health issues related to her weight.

At over 300 pounds and on a lot of medications, Jennifer's weight was truly affecting the things she was able to do in her life. It was time to make a change — not just for the sake of losing weight, but for her health. She told herself, “I'm going to fix this with food instead of medicine”, and so began her journey toward a 150-pound weight release… and a massive burst in happiness.


Click the Play button on the video to hear Jennifer's story, and if it resonates with you at all, I invite you to join my 30 Day New You Challenge.


It's time to get your health back, and doing it with a tribe of others on the same journey will impact your life on so many levels, it gives me chills just thinking about it.

Could YOU be the next 30 Day New You Challenge Success Story? I believe you can! Join us today.


Sending you all my love,



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