80% of Resolutions Fail – Here’s How to Actually Have a Healthy New Year

For many, the new year brings a thrill of possibilities: an opportunity to start fresh and finally become the person we desire to be. But research shows that 80% of resolutions fail — and usually before January even ends. Not having a clear vision or game plan and a complete lack of social support are the primary reasons resolutions don’t work.

Instead of accepting defeat a few days or weeks into the new year and promising you’ll do better the following year, set yourself up for a healthy new year by declaring affirmations over your daily life and selecting one word for the year that will encourage you to create and pursue positive change all year long.


An affirmation is a feel-good statement that empowers us to overcome our own negative thoughts. Affirmations should be specific but brief and should begin with “I am” and use the present tense. Choose a specific time of day to focus on your affirmation — like while having your morning tea or in the evening when you’re brushing your teeth — and then repeat the affirmation to yourself with enthusiasm. (If you feel a negative thought coming on throughout the day, repeat the affirmation as necessary.)

You can also choose an overarching affirmation that reflects exactly how you want to live life this year.


First, decide what you want to accomplish this year, but be sure your expectations are realistic. You want them to be challenging, but also attainable. Then, determine one word that will inspire you to be your best self and empower you to achieve your intentions. Use this word all year long to help you establish healthy habits centered around your mind, body, and heart. Be sure this word can serve as a kind reminder instead of a rigid command; notice how the word “wellness” is more gentle than telling yourself, “I must go to the gym for two hours every day, six days a week.”

If you feel called to, share your word with family and friends on social media or hang sticky notes throughout your home or office. We often need support, motivation, and accountability to keep us honest and on track, so sharing your word with others — and keeping it front-and-center in your space — can be a huge help.

While it’s tempting to make a list of resolutions, setting affirmations and selecting a special word for the year are two ways you can practice self-love and focus on what matters most. Give it a try and drop a comment below when you’ve chosen your word. I can’t wait to hear it!

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