Push It Real Good – My Push-Up Challenge is ON!

Who’s ready to push themselves? I hope you raised your hand because I’m hosting a Push-Up Mini Challenge and I want YOU (and your friends & family) to join in, too!


Each day for 7 days, we’ll challenge our upper bodies and core, proving to ourselves just how strong we really are. There are different levels for you to choose from, so start where you’re at (no judgment!) and see if you can work your way up by the end of our time together. We’re going to focus first on form, then on number of reps, and THEN we’ll work on moving up the levels. 


So… are you in? Then catch the Push-Up Mini Challenge in the video above! And don’t forget to encourage your circle to join you by sharing this on your social media pages. This is gonna be so much fun and I can’t wait to hear all about your results. Let’s do this!


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