Holiday Eating Throw You for a Loop? Get Back on Track with My Free Detox!

Never-ending supplies of holiday cookies. Sugary dessert spreads. Meat and cheese trays for miles. Delicious as they are, these holiday goodies can seriously sabotage your wellness. Add to that the stress and busyness of the season and you might be left feeling bloated, sluggish, depleted and — dare I say it? — constipated


What’s worse, once you’ve gotten into the routine of indulging, it can be hard to pull yourself out. Sometimes it’s just easier to grab what’s easily available, and there’s no shortage of questionable choices available during the holidays.


But what your body is really craving — what it really wants and needs from you — is fuel. And I’m sorry to break it to you, honey, but mini weenies swimming in barbeque sauce and glass upon glass of eggnog do not count as fuel.


So what can you do to push the reset button on your wellness and get back to eating healthy? How about a detox? And not just any detox… a FREE detox.


Now, don’t let the word “detox” scare you. You won’t be putting weird ingredients into your body and spending hours in the restroom. What you will be doing is feeding your body healing foods every few hours, and in doing so, showing your body that you care about it and that it can trust you again. 


So if your body is begging for a break (and, holidays or no holidays,  if you live on planet Earth, it most likely is), I’d love to offer you my FREE 1 Day Holiday Detox.


In just one day, we’ll cleanse your liver, reduce inflammation, and reset your metabolism, leaving you on the path to feeling better than you have in weeks, months, or even years. 


This FREE detox includes a step-by-step plan that leaves no room for error or confusion. I tell you exactly what to put in your mouth and when so you can focus on healing your body and preparing for your healthiest year yet.

So, don’t beat yourself up over your past choices. Now that you know better, you can do better. Commit to just 24 hours and see how amazing you can feel.


Are you ready to join me? Download your FREE 1 Day Holiday Detox right here.


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