7 Tips to Change Your Attitude about Fitness

When you were a kid in elementary school, did you hate gym class? When you heard it was time for the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, did you want to call in sick? If so, there's a good chance that your attitude about fitness has stayed with you through the years.

If you’re in bad shape, it could be due to a negative attitude about fitness. And if you've tried to get in shape a hundred times and quit that same number of times, you need to adjust your mindset before your next try.

With the right attitude about fitness, you can achieve your goals. So how do you do that? Start by understanding that fitness isn’t something that comes overnight, and it’s not something that stops.

It’s a long road that you stay on for your whole life. It has to become part of who you are, not some goal you can achieve and then walk away from.

Top 7 Tips for Adopting a Fitness Mindset

1. Make changes you can stick to.

That means that they can’t be so extreme that they only work in the short term. Trying to take on a two-hour-a-day exercise habit or extreme diet is something that can’t last. Find something less ambitious that you can make part of your life permanently.

3 mason jars filled with fruit in bubble water2. Don’t make too many changes at once.

Make one small change. Once it has become part of your life, add another, and go on like that. Maybe start with drinking more water every day, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Baby steps can help improve your attitude toward fitness!

3. Turn those new changes into habits.

The best way to do that is to add them to habits that are already in place. So, if you make a pot of coffee every morning, put the grinds in the machine and then go out for a walk. When you come back, your coffee will be waiting for you.

4. Visualize where you want to be. 

Picturing yourself fitting into your skinny jeans two months from now. Focus on the feeling. Visualization is powerful and your body will obey the thoughts your mind creates. 

Sticking to a few minutes each day of meditation is an easy way to start changing your mindset.

5. Stop blaming others for your bad attitude or poor fitness.

Excuses don’t help you. Action does. 

hands jounaling on white table with white flowers and cup of coffee6. Understand your goals and make sure they’re for you — not for others.

It’s very important that the reason you want a better fitness mindset is for you. Spend some time thinking about what is motivating you, and make sure it comes from inside.

If you're only trying to please others, you may not get the feedback you want. The only positive feedback that you can count on comes from inside.

7. Get rid of the inner voice that tells you that you can’t do it.

So much of what works against us comes from inside our own heads. Stop listening to that voice by using affirmations, meditation, and journaling. They are the most powerful tools against negative thoughts and a bad attitude.

Once you shift your mindset, you can then shift your habits and behaviors that have been holding you back from your fitness goals.

Mindset is everything!

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