This Is One of the Worst Ways to Start Your Day!

Picture this: Your morning alarm goes off, you get up and walk to the bathroom half-awake. You go to the bathroom, undress yourself and step on the scale for your (often times, dreaded) daily weigh-in. Your only hope is that the number on the scale is less than it was yesterday. You take a deep breath, exhale everything out and lightly step ... Read More »

3 Big Sleep Mistakes that are Making You Fat

It’s no secret that when you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t feel your best. You can’t think clearly and are just plain moody and sluggish. But did you know that lack of sleep actually has a serious negative impact on your health? Sleep experts say that each of us has our own best sleep quantity. Still, we all need 7 to 8 hours of quality ... Read More »

5 Hacks for Mindful Eating

Ever sat with a bag of chips in your hand, watching tv and suddenly realized you ate the whole thing? How about a pint of ice cream? You may have meant to just have a spoonful or two. But then you got distracted, and it tasted good, and you ate much more than that. It’s called eating mindlessly, and it’s all too easy to do. What is ... Read More »

3 Reasons You Need to Eat Cheat Meals

You've stayed true to your meal plan for over a month. Now you may be wondering, how often should I have a cheat day? Or should it just be a cheat meal? Or, maybe cheat days make you nervous altogether. Maybe it feels like having cheat meals is taking a step backwards? This is not the case. There are a lot of advantages to having a cheat ... Read More »

Rise Up: Your Time Is NOW

I am honored to be featured in the Rise Up movie, along with some of the very people I have looked up to for years including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, Dalai Lama, John Mackay (founder of Whole Foods), Blake Mycoskie (owner of Tom's Shoes), and many others. There is so much goodness being offered for the world. People ... Watch Video »

Focusing On Diet & Exercise To Lose Weight Won’t Work

Losing weight and getting in shape is hard work. That’s not news. There are plenty of people who say that dieting is as simple as putting down the fork. Those people are wrong. If you’re aware of the food that you eat and put effort into exercising, then you’re on the right path. But if that’s all you’re doing...there’s a good chance ... Read More »

6 Tricks to Make Your Spouse Eat Healthier with You

Have you ever tried to get your guy to step away from the burger and fries? Have you asked him to dive into a big bowl of kale salad with you instead? Getting cooperation may not be easy, but it turns out that it’s well worth the effort. One study found that men and women are more likely to make a healthy change in their lives if their ... Read More »

Talking To Your Body for Health and Healing

Do you know that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can negatively affect our biological functioning? Our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are! Today I want to share with you....Mind Body Medicine.... What is Mind-Body Medicine? The University of Maryland Medical Centre states: "Mind-body medicine uses the power of ... Read More »

3 Reasons Your Weight Doesn’t Matter

If you’re about to start a journey to improved health and you have a weight loss number in mind, then we need to talk. Focusing on some random number in your head is one of the most self-defeating things that you can do. As a gauge of your progress, it can play tricks on you. It makes you believe you’re not getting anywhere or even going ... Read More »

5 Home Remedies To Relieve Holiday Stress

With the holidays upon us, your stress level may be at an all time high! It’s normal to find yourself feeling overwhelmed with so many things on your to-do list. Holiday baking, shopping, and preparing for the many gatherings you have to attend takes its toll on your health. How can you combat this stress and be sure you enjoy the holiday ... Read More »