Are You Hiding? Here’s How To Love Yourself, Right Now

If you’ve never thought about how an awful, embarrassing acne breakout might actually have a deep message for you, you are not alone. I was the exact same way for most of my life. But I learned something several years ago, deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, that changed that for me… and now I have to share it with you.

While I talk specifically about an acne flare-up here, the message is universal. If you’re hiding behind something that you think is “wrong” with you, I hope this video puts an end to that. Please take a moment to watch this and share it out with a friend who needs to see this too. This world needs you to show up and be your authentic self. It’s time to love yourself fully.


What’s your favorite takeaway from this message? Let me know in the comments below.

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