Danette May TV: 3 Factors That Control Your Body Weight

What are 3 things that affect your weight and keep you holding onto stubborn body fat? And, more importantly, what can we actually do to manage our weight, get in shape, and live a purpose-filled life, no matter our age? If these questions are on your mind, or you’re not in the state of health you’d like to be in, I’ve got some answers for you in this short episode of Danette May TV.

In the clip, you’ll see how stress, sleep, and erratic cravings can hijack your healthy-living intentions, plus I’ll show you what you can do about them, starting today.

Watch the video below and be sure to share it with a friend who wants to feel her best, too. When you’re done watching, leave a comment to let me know which tips — or tips — you’ll be adding to your routine so you can feel your best ever!


Get better sleep, feel your best.

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