Finding Everyday Joy On Your Journey To Ultimate Health

Let’s have some real talk today…


How do you feel about your health journey? Do you enjoy working out? Does eating healing foods bring you pleasure? Does your mind feel calm and focused on your health goals, or do you beat yourself up for eating the “wrong” things, not working out “enough” or not sticking to your new routines?

Here’s what I can tell you: You CAN find everyday joy in good health practices. And if you want lasting success, you SHOULD find everyday joy in good health practices.


So how do you do that? With a mindset shift.


Why Does Good Health Seem So HARD?


I think we can agree that new habits can feel difficult. They seem daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Even though we start a new fitness routine or eating plan with good intentions and excitement for the end results, once we bump up against the “hard,” we may lose steam or quit altogether.


This is because our ego has taken over and our ego wants to keep us safe. “Go back to what you know,” it tells you. “It’s easier and you’re already great at it.” 


(Clearly, the ego doesn’t care if what you’re “great at” is good for your body or not.)


So, we need a new tactic in order to outsmart our ego and keep it from sabotaging our efforts… we need to find JOY in what we’re doing every day to get and stay in optimal health.


What You Can Expect


If you’re still feeling intimidated and you’re not sure how to break old habits, let’s first look at your Big Why. WHY do you want to look and feel healthy? What will you get out of it? You’ll need to determine that for yourself (and I encourage you to declare it and journal on it), but some general benefits might include:


  • Increased self-confidence
  • Feelings of accomplishment when you reach a goal
  • The satisfaction of taking care of yourself/making yourself a priority in your own life


You can also experience increased energy, a strong sense of vitality, boosted immunity, feelings of peace and balance, and on and on. Decide what excites you enough to want to make a change, write that down, and hold it close throughout your journey.


How to Find the Joy


As America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, I’ve definitely been on a journey of my own. Like many people, I had a rock bottom moment and had to find my way out of the muck in order to build a life I love. I did that through focusing on the 3 things that are the pillars of all of my programs to this day:


  • Healing Foods
  • Healing Movement
  • Healing Mindset


Healing Foods


Let’s do an experiment: when you view healthy foods as healing, don’t they seem less “intimidating” or “restrictive?” The goal is to get your body healthy, right? Well, your body craves these things to keep it healthy and when you bless it with greens, fruits, veggies, water, whole foods, etc., your cells are fueled and they come alive. You feel better and you look better because you’re activated on a cellular level.


Find the joy: It’s much easier to find everyday joy in eating a salad when you view it as a way to heal your body and supercharge your cells. Get creative with your food, say an affirmation over your meals and water before you consume it, and thank your body for putting that food to work and powering you through your day. 


Healing Movement


If you view exercise as punishment or the only way to undo bad eating habits, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. In truth, moving your body is a gift. Movement clears out the cobwebs of your mind and soul. It energizes your cells and gets the blood flowing. It’s vital to our overall good health.


Find the joy: I always say that the fastest way to change your state of being is to get into movement. Find some form of movement that feels great to you and drop into it. Walking, dancing, swimming, hiking, running, yoga… it all counts. (Bonus points if you can do it in nature.) Whatever floats your boat, dig in and let it take you away. Let it feel joyful.


Healing Mindset


This is the foundation to lasting success. If you don’t have this piece locked into place, all your other houses of cards will come crashing down. Why? Because our body goes where our mind takes it. If your mind believes you can find success, you’re already most of the way there. If you believe you’re bound to fail, guess what will happen?


Find the joy: I’m a huge believer in using meditation to change your mindset — and all of my programs contain meditations to help you with lasting success. But there are other ways to shift your thoughts. too. Turn your walk into a meditation, make sure you’re participating in self-care practices (whatever that means to you), and be sure to use loving words when you talk to yourself. There’s so much joy in knowing you’re caring for your inner self as much — or even more than — your outer self.


Finders Keepers


I’ve been on this mission of helping women rise into their greatest selves for decades, so I understand the power of community and accountability while you’re changing habits and perspectives. That’s why I’d love to share with you risk-free access to Fit Rise 365, my members-only community where Healing Foods, Healing Movement, Healing Mindset, and a MASSIVELY loving and supportive sense of community can help you meet your health goals. 


If you’re ready to find everyday joy in your health journey, join us today. We can’t wait to meet you!


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