7 Habits of Insanely Healthy People

You know the healthy people we’re talking about. They’re not the ones that are always talking about their latest marathon or fast.

Instead, they are the ones that always have energy and never seem to be sick. They never talk about their weight, yet always seem to be trim. And if they injure themselves or suffer some kind of setback, they always bounce back quickly.

What’s their secret? Are they just lucky? Is it good genes?

Though luck and genes may play a role, for the most part, the healthiest people you know probably all share the same simple habits.

Instead of following a plan, they have incorporated these steps into their daily lives, and it has paid off.

Would you like to boost your health in the same way? Adopt these 7 habits for yourself and watch how quickly it makes a difference in your life!

7 Habits of Insanely Healthy People

1. They Eat Breakfast Every Day 

If you’re skipping your breakfast because you think it will help you lose weight, you’re making a mistake.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, as it gives you the energy you need to keep sharp, whether during your workout or in an important meeting.

2. They Have Good Posture 

Next time you’re with a truly healthy person, take note of how tall they stand. When you slouch, you weaken your back and shoulder muscles, and you also feel worse.

Adding good posture exercises to your daily workout will make you feel better, look better, and grow stronger.

3. They Stretch Every Day

Stretching is important throughout your life.

It’s not enough to work out at the gym or go for a walk. The more flexible you feel, the better you will feel.

healthy habits4. They Look Forward to their Workout 

Are you one of those people who hates the idea of exercise?

When your fit friends talk about how they can’t wait to get to the gym, do you think they’re crazy?

Healthy people look forward to their workout because they think it’s fun. They’ve found an activity that they love, and that’s why they stick to their fitness habit.

There are so many different activities you can do. Find one that you think is fun and you’ll soon understand their enthusiasm.

5. They Think About Food Differently

Being healthy is not a short-term activity — it’s a lifestyle.

That means that instead of being on a diet and watching what they eat, healthy people have adopted good eating habits that involve eating whole foods.

They eat clean, tend to cook for themselves and enjoy their meals.

6. They Sleep 7-9 Hours Every Night

People who are super healthy tend to have regular bedtimes and wake-up times that involve a minimum of 7 to 9 hours every night.

Getting enough sleep is an essential part of both mental and physical health.

7. They Don’t Count Pounds or Calories

Healthy people do it for the way that they feel, not for the number on the scale.

If you’re focused on losing a certain amount of weight instead of getting fit and strong, you’re less likely to see the progress you’ve made.

It doesn't take tons of willpower or working out all day, every day — you can become one of the healthiest people you know simply by incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine.

Being consistent with those habits is the quickest way I know to creating the healthy lifestyle you dream of.

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