Mother Nature is Here to Heal You: Here’s How to Connect with Her

We all know that too much screen time is bad for us. But do you know what the antidote to it is? It’s getting out and exposed to nature! Nature heals us from deep within, so the practice of getting out in nature more will only benefit you.


If you’ve found that you feel better after a walk in the woods or by the water, there’s good reason for it. Studies have shown that being out in the fresh air, near to trees and plenty of sunshine, have very real health benefits. Even if you live in the city, there are ways to get more green into your routine. Here are six of our favorites, and why they work.


Nature Heals – Here are 6 Ways to get More of it


mindful meditation in nature woman meditating outsideMindful meditation outdoors
Being mindful has plenty of benefits, but if you can spend 20 minutes being mindful outside, you get even more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a walk, gardening, or just sitting on a park bench enjoying a warm breeze, being out in nature boosts the overall effect. That’s because when you’re outside, you are exposed to negative ions that boost your immune system and relieve stress. Being mindful of nature is easy. Take a good look around, breathe it in deeply, and appreciate what you see and feel.


Bring nature indoors
Even people who don’t have the chance to spend time outside can get nature’s benefits by bringing them inside. Plants are inexpensive, add color, and boost your energy. Studies have shown that having plants in a room has multiple health effects, including cutting pain.


Give your room a view
Living or working in a concrete jungle doesn’t mean you have to cheat yourself of nature. Windows with a view are best, but if your view is less green than grey, try hanging a beautiful photo of a forest. If you spent your time staring at a monitor, add a screensaver with shifting views of nature.

Living or working in a concrete jungle doesn’t mean you have to cheat yourself of nature.

camping by the ocean and under the starsVacation in nature
When it’s time to take a break from work, the options seem endless. Though amusement parks and historic sites are tempting, research shows that you’ll get extra benefits if you choose a break in nature. The most effective breaks are spent eating healthy and resting fully. Nature heals – so natural retreats cut stress and anxiety and restore well-being.


Eat natural foods
Even if you can’t surround yourself with nature, you can nourish yourself with it. When you select whole foods like nuts, fresh produce and vegetables and bypass processed foods, you do your body a world of good. Want to boost the impact? Plant a garden and harvest all or some of your food yourself.


Work out outside
Exercise is always a good thing, but you can boost its effect and your enjoyment if you walk out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Cold out? Bundle up and go! When you take your walk or job through the woods instead of on a treadmill, you’ll enjoy it more, feel less fatigue, and think happier thoughts.

What is your favorite way to connect with Mother Nature? Please share with me and other readers in the comment below!

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How mother nature heals you physically and mentally