3 Steps to Create Your Morning Ritual (and 5 reasons to)

The way you begin your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I encourage you all to create a “morning ritual” or routine that you fall in love with, that you can put into practice each morning.

You might ask why this is important especially when you already have so much going on in the morning. I'd start by saying…THAT is exactly why.

5 Benefits of a Morning Ritual

  • Begin your day with intention
  • Creates a sense of peace and calm
  • Keeps you grounded
  • Supports you in feeling less reactive and more intentional throughout your day
  • Reduces anxiety and stress

3 Steps to Create Your Own Morning Ritual

Step 1: Find Time healthy breakfast yogurt berries and fruit create morning ritual

Select a time in the morning that fits into your schedule. Perhaps you do it upon waking – after your workout – before or after breakfast.

Choose what is realistic for you. I recommend having a set schedule – doing the ritual at the same time each day so it's a part of your daily schedule and becomes habitual.

Step 2: Find a Place

Find a safe space in your home to complete your ritual. This could be in the comfort of your bed, in a chair by a window. A sacred space where you feel comfortable and safe.

You can even create a meditation corner in your bedroom for your ritual.

Step 3: Determine Your Practices danette may meditating create morning ritual

Choose what practices you will adopt in your morning routine.

This could be as simple as pouring a cup of tea or coffee and reading 3 pages of a book.

Journaling, meditation, yoga, daily affirmations, deep breathing exercises – anything that supports you in bringing your awareness within, connecting with your inner guide and your true self.

Body ? Mind ? Spirit

I encourage you to include practices that bring mindfulness and awareness to your body, mind, AND spirit so that you are nourishing all levels of your being with positivity each morning.

Know that just like the seasons, your morning routine will change and adapt with time. Like all things, if it becomes monotonous or you are no longer excited about it – switch it up, try new things!

It's important that you look forward to your routine. The beauty is – this routine is YOURS to create, to shape, and to shift at any time.

morning ritual infographic


My Current Morning Routine:

5 Minute Cuddles (spirit)

5 Minute Journal (mind)

5 Minute Meditation with Deep Breathing (body/mind/spirit)

1 Minute Affirmation & Intention Setting (mind/spirit)

5 Minute Stretching/Yoga (body)

Warm Water with Lemon (body)

Powered Up Cacao Bliss Coffee (body/spirit)

5 Minutes Outside in Nature (body/mind/spirit)

Total Time: 30 Minutes

Yours in health and happiness,


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