Why You Need to Start Exercising Now! (It’s Not All About Weight Loss)

When you think of what you need to do to lose weight, there’s a good chance that exercise is high on the list.

But the reverse is not necessarily true. When you think about exercising, there are a lot more (and better) reasons to do it than just to drop a few pounds.

There’s no question that moving your body helps you burn off calories. On top of that, building muscles help boost metabolism! But exercise is so much more than part of a weight loss plan.

5 Reasons You Should Exercise Right Now

1. Exercise Will Ease Your Mind

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If you haven’t been exercising, you don’t know what you’re missing in terms of stress relief.

Studies have shown that when you work out, it clears the mind of what is bothering you.

It even takes out toxins that build up when you’re stressed. It doesn’t matter what workout you choose. It works, whether you opt for something low impact, like yoga or a high-octane workout like running or biking.

2. The More You Move, the Happier You Will Be

Ever wonder why people who work out regularly always seem to be in a good mood? It’s because exercise makes you happy.

It's one of the cheapest and easiest ways to boost your energy and make you smile.

Studies have shown that when you work out, your body bumps up its production of all the “feel good” hormones. It’s even used to help treat depression.

3. Exercise Keeps Your Brain Young elderly people exercising reasons exercise

As we age, our brains can go through changes. For some, this means memory loss or slow reactions.

Studies have shown that the one thing you can do to prevent this decline is to work out. The more you sit around, the higher your risk that your brain will deteriorate with age.

Even a single workout can benefit your brain!

One study showed that people who don’t exercise lose mental capacity much faster than those who do.

4. Exercise Eases Pain

One of the top reasons people give for not working out is that they’re in too much pain. But the aches and stiffness that keep you away from exercise may actually decrease with more movement.

Here are 2 tricks you can use to relieve lower back and knee pain.

Plus, studies have shown that people who exercise are better able to manage pain when they feel it.

5. Exercise Makes You Healthier Overall

In addition to helping you lose weight, exercise can help you live a long life. Studies have shown that when you work out, you cut your risk of many serious conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The National Cancer Institute says that people who work out live almost 5 years longer than those who don’t.

And the better your physical condition, the better you will be able to withstand illness and injury in the future. People who work out bounce back faster from surgeries and sickness alike.

You don’t have to become an exercise nut to get the benefits of working out. Set yourself a goal of 2.5 hours of exercise over the course of a week, spread out over a minimum of 3 days a week.

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Yours in health and happiness,


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