5 Jedi Mind Tricks to An Instant Good Mood

Are you a positive and optimistic person?

Do you find joy in every day, or at least try to?

If you do then you’re on the right path to a fulfilling, healthy life. Unfortunately, sometimes things get the best of us, no matter how hard we try.

Maybe you got bad news about a friend or family member.

Maybe you had a fight with a loved one or got handed a work assignment that is making you unhappy.

Whatever the cause, bad moods happen to the best of us. The real question is, what do you do about it when it happens to you?

Do you have a secret Jedi mind trick that you pull out of your pocket to lift yourself out of the depths?

If not, maybe I can help you shift from a bad mood back to good and start seeing the wonder in the world again.

ways to shift your mood infographic

5 Ways to Be In a Good Mood Right Now

1. Get Moving

exercise good mood

It may be hard to talk yourself into exercising when all you feel like doing is moping, but it is the number one best way to improve your mindset.

Studies have shown that exercise provides stress relief.

It also helps you sleep better and generally makes you feel better about everything.

If your energy is low and you don’t feel like working up a sweat, then at least go for a walk. It will calm you down and give you more energy.

2. Make Scents of Things

And by scents, we mean odors. Aromatherapy is a really simple and pleasant way to make yourself feel calmer, brighter, and happier.

Think about how certain smells are linked to your happiest memories and you’ll get a clue as to the emotions tied to a scent.

You can use a candle or put essential oils into a diffuser or mister. The best scents to lift your mood include lemon, lavender, jasmine and rosemary.

3. Treat Yourself to Flowers

Think about how much you love getting flowers. Here’s a news flash – it’s not just because they’re a gift.

Flowers have been scientifically proven to have a positive emotional impact on mood.

They make us feel good!

You don’t have to wait for somebody else to bring you flowers. Stop by your local market and treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet.

4. Eat Some Chocolate

chocolate good mood

This one isn’t hard at all! You probably already know that dark chocolate is good for your heart health, but did you know that it can also improve your mood?

Dark chocolate contains “resveratrol”, an antioxidant that stimulates our brain to make more endorphins and serotonin. Both of these are natural mood lifters.

Dark chocolate can even make you feel calmer! Who knew?!

5. Count Your Blessings

Sometimes when things are feeling bleak, you need to remember just how many good things you have going on in your life.

Take a minute to give thanks for all the things that are going right can bring you back to your normal, upbeat self.

Studies have shown that people who take the time to reflect on what they have to be grateful for are generally happier.

Yours in health and happiness,


P.S. Share these quick tricks to shift to a good mood to a friend who is having a bad day and I love hearing from you so leave a comment below. Do you have a Ninja mind trick you use to boost your mood?