8 Weird Ingredients to Boost Weight Loss

What foods do you picture when you think about food shopping for weight loss?

Carrots and celery?

Greek yogurt?

Head after head of lettuce?

I'm not saying that anything is wrong with any of these foods. But if that’s all that comes to mind, then you’re definitely missing out. There are some weird and wonderful foods and ingredients that can help you reach your goals in much more interesting ways.

The next time you go to the market, try adding a few (or all) of these items to your cart. You’ll be glad you did.

8 Weird Ingredients to Boost Weight Loss

1. Apple Cider Vinegar – You may already have it in your pantry without knowing what a help it is to weight loss. Drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before a meal can help curb your hunger.

It also lowers the glycemic index of high carb foods. It’s much more than a salad dressing! Just make sure your Apple Cider Vinegar contains “the mother.”

turmeric weight loss

2. Turmeric – This beautiful spice adds a lovely color and taste to Indian foods, and it goes a long way as a diet aid too.

Studies have shown that it can slow down or stop the growth of fat cells. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, so add it to your hummus or soup after a tough workout.

Here's one of my favorite tonic recipes to harness the power of turmeric.

3. Kefir – If you’ve been passing by the kefir on your way to the yogurt, it’s time to back up and grab a bottle.

Kefir is loaded with protein and probiotics. And studies have shown that adding dairy to your diet can help you hit your weight loss goals faster and more easily.

bee pollen weight loss

4. Bee Pollen – It’s a little food that has a big impact. Bee pollen is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has been called one of the most nutritionally complete foods.

Bee Pollen is 40% protein, and studies have shown that it boosts both metabolism and strength.

5. Sorrel – You may never have heard of sorrel, but you’ll be hearing a lot about it soon. It’s a dark leafy green that has even more fiber than spinach and kale.

It’s loaded with vitamin C, magnesium and potassium and is high in flavonoids. It’s a healthy food that will fill you up fast.

6. Green Tea – There are a lot of reasons to drink green tea, but weight loss help is one of the best. Drinking it will help you meet your daily water needs while giving you a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Plus, a study showed that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day can double the amount of belly fat you lose.

plantains weight loss

7. Plantains – Long a staple of tropical diets, plantains provide resistant starch. This healthy carb helps to up your metabolism and burn fat faster.

8. Matcha – If you don’t know about matcha, you’re going to love it. It’s a powdered form of special green tea leaves that you can drink instead of coffee.

Just half a teaspoon of the powder mixed with hot water provides tons of nutrients and a boost of energy.

Best of all, it’s said to stop sugar cravings, cut the calories you eat, boost metabolism, and stops the growth of fat cells.  You can also use it as a seasoning in food.

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