‘‘Rise up in to your fullest, truest expression’’


Life: Manifest Anything


Keep the momentum going & discover a proven path to better, health, more wealth & create the life of your dreams.

For the first time ever, Danette May is finally pulling back the curtain to reveal her proven method to creating better health, more wealth, and deeply fulfilling relationships for a truly abundant life.

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Relationships: 21-Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge

This is not your typical program. It’s based on the success of three pillars: mind, body and energy. From my years of coaching and helping many people attract their soulmate, I’ve discovered it comes down to energy and that we attract who we are.

This challenge helps heal your mind and programs your subconscious with transformational meditation audios, together with other effective tools. It heals your body with energy-boosting workouts and healing foods. And it heals your energy by healing past love wounds and traumas so you break the cycle of attracting the wrong love for good.

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Health: FitRise Membership

Healing foods, healing movements and healing mindsets are at the core of every program I offer. Not only will you release weight, you’ll also learn to love yourself and your life more deeply. These aren’t “diets”.

Instead, they take you on a journey of self discovery that show you how to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a fit body, while also loving life! Pick a program below to begin your journey of self discovery and love!

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30 Day Challenge

This 30 Day Challenge is like no other! I’ll show you how to LOOK and FEEL sexy and build your inner confidence, all without hunger, counting calories, or impossibly long workouts.

Used by hundreds of thousands of women, this program is GUARANTEED to get results.

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The Whole You Healing Detox

Flush away harmful toxins and “trapped” fat, and boost your energy with my revolutionary 3-Day Bikini Body Detox.

You’ll be shocked how quickly it transforms your body and resets your metabolism so weight loss becomes more effortless.

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Booty Camp

Danette’s 30 Day Booty Camp is the number one secret to looking and feeling years younger!

Did you know a strong bum is the key to good posture and lasting health?

Danette takes you through 30 days of moves, stretches, meal plans and visualizations for a lifted and toned backside… for a firm, perky booty no matter your age, and it takes just minutes a day!

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Gut Health

Want to transform how your body looks and feels? A healthy gut leads to lower stress, weight loss, boosts your metabolism and gets rid of gas and bloating.

The Gut Health reset is full of Danette’s best tips and strategies. Each one takes out the guesswork of transforming your gut health in the fastest time possible.

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7 Day Jumpstart

This 7 day program jumpstarts your metabolism and weight loss.

You’ll get the exact workouts, fat-burning recipes, and meal plans you need to release as much as 7 pounds in just 7 days!

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