Does Your Energy Need Spring Cleaning? (Free Challenge!)

Spring cleaning is a seasonal rite of passage for many people, but we can — and should — go beyond simply cleaning our homes. What else would we clean, you might ask? Our energy, of course! 

Since having a positive outlook can affect our lives and health in so many ways, it’s important to keep your personal energy in sparkling shape. I know that’s not always easy, so I’ve created a FREE mini-challenge to help you detox from negativity and replace thoughts that don’t serve you with thoughts that do.

So grab a friend or three and join me for the Spring Clean Your Energy Negativity Detox mini-challenge. I’ll stay with you for 7 days, leading you through a mindset shift that will positively impact multiple aspects of your life and set you up for lasting success.

Click below to do the Spring Clean Your Energy Negativity Detox Mini-Challenge along with me.


I can’t wait to hear how far you come over the next week or so. Please leave me a comment to let me know if you found this helpful.

Here’s to a great, fresh outlook!

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