Ask Danette Anything: The Weight Loss Plateau Episode

I’m a big advocate for not measuring your health and weight loss progress by what you see on the scale, but I also know that if that number never budges even though you’ve been eating well and moving your body regularly, you can get awfully frustrated. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss or in the way your body looks and feels, I have some tips for you in this episode of Danette May TV. I’ll also give you the raw truth around when I indulge in treats and how I navigate that process — and how you can, too.

This is a hot topic for a lot of people (especially women), so I invite you to watch this video and share it out with your girlfriends. And if you’re looking for support while you’re on your health journey, I also invite you to discover how my Fit Rise 365 membership program can be exactly what you’re looking for. I supply all the tools you need — including recipes, short, effective workouts, mindset hacks, and a loving community — to give you hope and, ultimately, lasting success.

Join me for Ask Danette Anything on Danette May TV by clicking below.


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