5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Weight loss can be tricky; what works for some may not work for you. I get it!

It can be frustrating when you see a friend lose weight with less effort, while you have a hard time at it. It's true that age, metabolism, and food play a key role in weight loss, but there are missing pieces too!

Regardless of diet and lifestyle habits, these key factors make a huge difference. It will surprise you to know how most people on a weight loss journey miss catching these checkpoints.

If you're not watching, it will slow down your efforts too.

5 Things That Are Causing Your Body to Store More Fat

If you know them, you can get past the weight loss puzzle.

1. Poor gut flora

 One study showed the link between the gut bacteria and body weight.  Researchers found that those with a healthy weight had a diverse microbiome in their gut.

On the other hand, people who were overweight showed a poor diversity of gut bacteria in comparison.

Researchers found that the enzyme  AMPk (AMP-activated protein kinase) determines the body fat levels. An active AMPk means you'll have a healthy body weight.

Improving gut bacteria levels by eating probiotic-rich foods can take care of AMPk activity.

2. A low fiber diet

If your menu is poor in fiber, your weight is more likely to yo-yo.

Dietary fiber is a simple, yet powerful tool for achieving weight loss. Fiber keeps blood sugar levels stable and controls hunger pangs.

It's also crucial for maintaining the health of your gut. It helps the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which aids in weight loss.

So, if you haven't been eating enough fiber-rich foods, get started now to boost your weight loss. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber.

3. Toxin overload

Toxins from the environment and food can make it hard for you to lose weight. Preliminary studies show that BPA, a chemical in plastic, is a potent toxin that causes obesity.

Toxins can make you fat by encouraging the body to produce fat cells. Avoid using plastic containers and beware of packaging material in frozen food.

Steer clear of additives in food and polluted environments to cut toxin exposure.

4. Too much salt:

Turns out adding too much salt to your recipes can also ruin your weight loss. If you like salty foods, beware!

Research shows that salty foods can cause weight gain.

Too much sodium throws off the fluid balance and causes the buildup of urea. Urea, a waste product demands energy for its production, which makes you feel hungry. You'll end up overeating to satisfy your hungry tummy.

5. Weight loss pills

weight loss pills effectsThey cause more harm than good. Research shows weight loss pills lead to severe side effects like stroke and heart problems.  

Most of these pills are a combination of caffeine and diuretics. Not only are these pills a waste of money, but it also saps your genuine efforts to weight loss.

To get started, take a step back and check your habits. Keep an eye on these five things I mentioned.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes and then reboot your weight loss efforts. You will notice positive changes in your weight.

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Yours in health and happiness,


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