Giving To Others Is A Sure-Fire Way To Create Pure Joy

It doesn’t have to be the holidays in order to give… and feel great about it! The truth is, giving to others brings joy — to the receiver and to you — no matter the time of year. 

In fact, studies show that giving to others — whether donating, volunteering, or providing emotional support — can lead to the following benefits:


  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Less depression
  • Lower stress levels
  • A longer life
  • Greater happiness


Those are some pretty serious benefits just for being kind!


Giving also allows you to share some of the things you love and truly believe in. A healthy recipe a whole family can love, a free workout series for a pesky trouble spot, or a calming breathing meditation to help someone get grounded during a challenging time are just a few of the things you can share with anyone who may be stepping into a healthy lifestyle. 


You can also help reduce waste by giving from your garden’s abundant bounty or by donating clothes you no longer love or that your kids have outgrown. You can even give heart-centered encouragement to someone struggling, or simply give of your time. It doesn’t matter what you give — it all counts! It’s the act of giving that brings so much joy (and so many health benefits!).


One way I can give is by sharing everything I’ve learned, and continue to learn, about healthy living on my Facebook and Instagram pages, here on my blog, and through my proprietary membership program, Fit Rise 365. I love to share everything about healing foods, healing movements, and a healing mindset in order to help women (and men) all around the world step into their fullest expression and radical self-love. It brings me so much joy, and I know the gift of giving is a two-way street. What could be better?


How do you love to give? Share with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear! 


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