Bye-Bye Batwings Mini-Challenge: Get Toned Arms Fast

One of the hardest-to-tone trouble spots for women seems to be the back of the arms. In fact, this area can be so tough to target, it even has its own name: batwings. Charming for Halloween, but not at all charming when you want to feel strong and confident.


If lackluster muscle tone on the backs of your arms is something you struggle with, this mini-challenge is for you! In just 5 minutes per day, you’ll work those wings and build strength in the shoulders and in your upper arms. 

We’ll do this mini-challenge together every day for a week and each day, you’ll leave me a comment to let me know how many rounds you were able to complete in 5 minutes. At the end of the week, I have a feeling that number will rise and so will your strength.


This is a fun challenge and I can guarantee you’ll feel it… in a good way! 


Let’s get started. You got this!



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