Add Some Beauty to Your Booty With These Top 5 Booty Moves

Ever wonder how a fitness professional works out her backside? You’re about to find out, and I’m not holding back!


Watch the video to see my Top 5 Booty Moves to lift and tone your backside without hurting your knees. Not only are these easy to modify for any fitness level, but you can do these moves anywhere. 

Our glutes are our largest muscle group and they affect the whole structural integrity of your body. These moves will help you not only aesthetically, but structurally as well. So grab a mat and clear yourself a small space. Let’s do this together!


If you liked the video above, you should know I’ve created an entire program around the booty and thighs. This 30-day program features workouts, healing recipes, and mindset tricks to help you step into your strongest, most beautiful backside. To learn more about my 30 Day Booty Camp, just click this link.


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