You Asked, I Answered! Watch My New “Ask Danette” Series on YouTube

Ever wish you could sit down with America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert and ask me anything and everything about health and wellness? Here’s your chance! (Well kind of.)



In my brand new Danette May TV series, I take questions from viewers, fans, and my Fit Rise 365 members and answer them, unrehearsed, right in the moment. So fun! 

Here’s a sampling of the topics I cover:



  • Tips for eating healthy when you’re a picky eater — I share how to sneak veggies into your diet without even tasting them.
  • The truth about vitamins — I spill a HUGE secret that most supplement companies don’t want you to know, plus I share with you the products my family and I take every single day. (I’ll link to most of them below.)
  • Food for great hair — I tell you exactly what to take to get strong, shiny, gorgeous hair (this works for men, too)!
  • PMS breast pain and PMS symptoms — I share something you’ll be surprised to hear, plus a tip for managing this “special” time.
  • Mental health — If you’re not happy and focused all the time, you are not alone. I’ll share my thoughts on this, plus a BIG behind-the-curtain glimpse into one of my biggest dreams.

As I mentioned above, I share with you some of my favorite supplements and superfoods, many of which I created myself because I could not find the quality I was looking for, for myself and my family. You can learn more about those by clicking these links:



Golden Superfood Bliss

Cacao Bliss

Turmeric + Ginger





This is the first episode of its kind and I can’t wait to do another. After you watch, leave me a comment with YOUR question. You just may have it answered on the next Ask Danette Anything!

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