The Power of Affirmations And How To Get Started

Here’s what I know, friend: You can create your successes — and your failures — by the thoughts you think.


That’s a big statement but, yes, YOU get to decide where your life is headed. You get to decide to turn things around if you’re not where you want to be. 


Will you live a healthy lifestyle? Will you experience days filled with joy and incredible relationships (including your relationship with yourself)?

You get to choose!


Mindset Is Everything


It’s my firm belief that the “mindset” piece is the most crucial component of any undertaking. Without it, all your houses of cards will come crashing down. What does that mean? It means if you are not building any of your goals and desires on a firm foundation, they have no chance of standing when the wind blows. (AKA, when things get rough.)


One of the most effective ways to build your mindset foundation is to fill your mind with loving thoughts. And one of the most effective ways to do that is to speak affirmations to yourself.


Affirmations Create Big Change


According to, the definition of affirmation is: the assertion that something exists or is true.


If this is what an affirmation is, imagine how powerful of a tool they could be when you’re trying to reach a goal. Through affirmations, you’re literally telling your brain — rewiring it to understand, actually — that what you’re thinking and saying is true.


Create Your Affirmations


So now that you understand the power of affirmations, the first thing you need to do is create some you can say each day. 


You should feel free to get creative here, but these do need to be “I am” statements, and they must be said in the present tense.


Some examples:


I AM strong.

I AM safe.

I AM bold.

I AM making healthy food choices. 

I AM taking care of my body.

I AM rested and refreshed.

I AM full of energy and ambition.

I AM committed to my personal improvement journey.

I AM excited for my future and take steps toward my dream life every single day.


There’s lots of wiggle room here, so choose affirmations that speak to you and where you want to go… not where you’ve been or even where you are now (if you’re not where you want to be, of course).


What’s Next?


To put this new tool into practice, write your affirmations down and read them to yourself out loud (or in your head, if you choose) each morning and evening. If you want to say them more often, girl, you do you. 


Remember, just as affirmations and loving words create your success, negative words can create your failure. So if you catch yourself saying things like, “I am so tired,” or “I am too busy to work out,” guess how you’re wiring your brain? Don’t do that to yourself! Catch yourself making those statements and say your affirmations instead.


It may take some time to get used to speaking this way to yourself, especially if you’ve been hard on yourself in the past, but stick with it and watch the magic happen. I know you’ll soon be accomplishing things you weren’t sure you could.


For More Mindset Support Tools…


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