New Video: Don’t Fear Your Calling (Even If You Feel Out of Alignment)

Have you ever felt a calling deep within your soul to do something or try something new, but then fear charged in and made you feel out of alignment?


You are not alone.

I’ve experienced that too and in the following video, I walk you through what it felt like to have 18 months to bring together thousands of women from all around the world to do a LIVE event in Denver, Colorado. My team and I had never done that large of an event, but I was stepping into what I felt my soul was asking me to, even though I felt anxious and out of alignment. 


Normally we’d turn away from things that feel out of alignment, but today I'm pulling back the curtain to share a very vulnerable and behind-the-scenes glimpse into how your biggest fear could be your greatest story. I hope you find inspiration from this and charge toward what YOUR soul is calling you to do. 


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