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How to Create More Pleasure in Your Life!

Hello everybody! I wanted to personally invite you to join myself and Drew Canole, as we discuss how to create more pleasure in your life! Things you can do today: 1. Alternate nostril breathing 2. Take a little longer in the morning to sip your coffee and/or tea- HONOR YOURSELF! 3. Visualize the experience 4. Schedule some time for ... Watch Video »

Top 5 Summer Recipes

Wow! We had soooo many amazingly delicious recipes submitted in the private Forever Fit - My Tribe group, that my team and I had a tough job selecting only 5 to post here!!! Our Forever Fit sisters entered 295 mouth-watering recipes to be exact. I'll tell you how to see all of them in a minute, but today I'm excited to share the Top 5 ... Read More »

Quick Protein Packed Breakfast

I know I'm not alone when I say life can get busy...especially in the mornings! Join me in my kitchen, as I introduce to you the PERFECT BREAKFAST when you are on the go! Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. Share this video with your friends who love to eat healthy, even on the busiest of mornings, and I'd love to hear from ... Watch Video »

Tips for Getting Past a Food Craving

You know what I'm talking about. You’ve been doing well all day, maybe even for several days. You’ve exercised regularly and stuck to your eating plan. You’ve done everything right and are starting to feel and see a difference. Then along comes a craving and you’re staring at the bottom of a bag of chips. People try lots of ... Watch Video »

Best Pre and Post Workout Meals

Today I'm going to answer a question that I get asked all the time! You already know that working out should be a part of your daily routine. You know you feel better on the days you work out. There's no question, it improves your health and boosts your mental well-being. To make sure that you're getting the most out of your workout, you ... Watch Video »

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Join me today in my kitchen and see exactly how easy it is to make these healthy blueberry muffins. Your kids won't even realize they're eating something that's good for them when they taste this yummy recipe! Enjoy! Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. I invite you to share this yummy recipe with your friends and I ... Watch Video »

How to Help Knee, Hip and Back Problems

Tune in to learn a few preventive steps you can do before you think about surgery, to alleviate knee, back and hip problems! I'm here to help you feel your best as I introduce you to a few key stretches, beginning with your piriformis muscle. Grab a lacrosse ball, foam roller, and a mat, and let's work together to release tension, and ... Watch Video »

One Simple Hack to Make Your Pasta Healthier

Mmmmmm, pasta! Who doesn’t love a piping hot bowl of spaghetti, or a plate full of luscious linguini? As much as you enjoy pasta’s texture and taste, do you avoid it because you're watching your weight? Boy, do I have good news for you! It turns out that there’s a simple trick that can cut pasta’s fattening effect in half. And you ... Read More »

The Fat Burning Fat You Should Eat Daily

Yes, you read it right, I am recommending fat to lose weight. Yet, not all types of fat can help you this way. Only certain fats will keep you healthy and actually help you lose weight. If you're looking for superstars among such healthy fats, omega-3 fats are the right kind. Although, it sounds counter intuitive to eat fat and lose ... Read More »

Wheat Free vs Gluten Free (there’s a difference)

The term ''gluten free'' is everywhere and the mixed use of the terms gluten and wheat can be confusing. If you struggle with gluten intolerance, you likely know exactly how to spot gluten-free foods. But, did you know "wheat-free" does not mean the product is 'gluten-free' and vice versa. Among gluten foods, wheat is one of the main ... Read More »