5 Amazing Things Happen When You Drink Lemon Water

The first thing I do to start my day is to drink a glass of warm water with lemon. I do this morning ritual on an empty stomach. A glass of warm water and juice of fresh squeezed lemon (half) is my first drink. After a straight 7-8 hours without water (sleep) your body needs hydration. […]

28 Day Lemon Water Challenge

Who wants to join me on a simple challenge to detox your body and boost your metabolism? It’s easy…just drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning for the rest of April. Be sure to Like this video and leave your comments below if you plan on joining me in this challenge! Yours […]

4 Problems With Flavored Water Drops

Struggling to get your 8-10 glasses of water in each day? If so, you may think the easy solution to reach that goal is to simply add in some flavored water drops. These drops come in a variety of flavors – peach, iced tea, coconut, berry, lemon-lime and best of all, are often touted as a weight loss […]

Roasted Buddha Bowl with Tangy Lemon Tahini Dressing

Have you heard of Buddha Bowls yet? Some call them Nourish Bowls but no mater we what we call these colorful super food bowls they are always a crowd pleaser. You can use any super colorful and nutrient dense foods you have on hand. As a general rule you want to include a green, a raw […]

Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

These are my favorite top 3 weight loss tips that will speed up your results! Tip 1: Start your day off with fresh lemon water. This will help with your metabolism. Tip 2: Do high-intensity interval training. Tip 3: Eat clean foods. CLICK HERE to Join The Danette May Challenge Yours in health, Danette P.S. […]

5 Ways to Balance Your Body’s pH

It’s easy to miss what may be one of the most important factors dictating how you feel – your pH balance. When you eat a traditional westernized diet, one that’s rich in meat sources and grains, you’re going to become far more acidic than the body was designed to be. This can set you up […]