Discover Your Ultimate Healer and Change Your Life

In my programs, I focus on 3 pillars for ultimate health: Healing Foods, Healing Movement, and a Healing Mindset.


These pillars are steeped in the wisdom and practices I know will get you results and allow you to live in a body you can love, plus rise into the most radical self-love you’ve ever known.


But there’s wiggle room in each of them. There’s opportunity for you to define what feels like your Ultimate Healer — the thing or things you can turn to again and again when you feel weary or when you need to re-center in your healthy lifestyle.

I actually have an Ultimate Healer in each pillar category. Yes, I eat a variety of healing foods to keep my body functioning, looking, and feeling its very best, but there’s one thing I would call my Ultimate Healer (I’ll share it in a second).


My goal with this post is to help you define what your Ultimate Healer is so you can anchor yourself with it whenever your healthy lifestyle feels hard or you’re overwhelmed, busy, questioning your commitment, etc. Because as you walk on your journey to your greatest health and the highest, truest, fullest expression of your being, you will have those tough moments. We all do. So let’s discover your Ultimate Healer(s) so you have a constant to turn to when the going gets tough.


Healing Foods


What’s your favorite healing food? (Yes, it has to be healthy, haha.) What is the one thing that when you put it in your mouth, your cells feel alive, nourished, and cared for? 


Is it a big, green salad? A smoothie bowl? Maybe it’s a mug of Cacao Bliss or your favorite blend of tea. For me, it’s a green smoothie. I shove all the good things (spinach, blueberries, Earth Echo Collagen Peptides, the list goes on) into my blender and let it rip. Sure, the color sometimes looks like sludge, but I drink it anyway because I know how good it is for me on a cellular level. It’s my Ultimate Food Healer, for sure. 


Action Steps


  • Define your own Healing Foods Ultimate Healer.
    Make sure you always have on hand the ingredients you need to make it.
  • Prep it ahead of time if possible, so when you feel stressed or hurried, you can grab it as quickly as you could grab a cookie or a bag of chips. 
  • If you can’t prep the entire thing ahead of time, consider at least having the ingredients grouped together. Make things as easy as possible for yourself.
  • When you eat or drink your Ultimate Healer, make sure to send it gratitude. Thank it for its healing properties and for being a steady for you and your healthy, glowing body.


Healing Movements


I always say that getting into movement is the fastest way to change your state of being. It clears the cobwebs from your mind, and almost no one regrets moving their body when they’re done.


Movement comes in all forms, of course, and today I’d like for you to determine your very favorite. Maybe it’s dancing, running, swimming, biking, or yoga. For me, it’s hiking, walking, or running in nature. Getting that one-on-one time with the wisdom of Mother Earth is so powerful and healing to me. I crave it and make sure to prioritize it every single day. Yes, I incorporate other types of workouts and movement into my life most days, but getting into nature — wherever I am in the world — is non-negotiable. 


Action Steps


  • Define your own Healing Movement Ultimate Healer (Note: It’s okay if your Healing Movement Ultimate Healer is something like gardening or deep stretching. If you’re working to up your fitness level, just make sure to do these movements in addition to your regular workouts.)
  • Put your Healing Movement Ultimate Healer on your schedule. Block off time for it just as you would any other obligation like meetings or appointments. 
  • Keep any tools, special shoes, or clothing on hand and laid out so you have a visual reminder to engage in your Ultimate Healing Movement each day.
  • As you’re doing the movement, allow yourself to be in the present moment. Hear the cadence of your shoes hitting the ground if you’re running. Breathe in the scent of the dirt if you’re gardening. Feel your muscles lengthening as you go through your yoga flow. Be aware of the joy the movement brings you. Allow it to heal.


Healing Mindset


Mindset is the key to lasting success. Whether it’s a health goal, career goal, or any goal at all, if you don’t have the mindset piece in place, all your houses of cards will come crashing down. It’s that important. 


There are many ways to develop a healing mindset. It could be meditation, journaling, repeating affirmations, visualization, and more. Any of these can open the door to healing and can help rewire your brain for success.


Remember, meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in silence for thirty minutes straight. In all of my programs, I provide mediations and most are just five minutes long. You don’t even need to sit still during meditation — moving meditations (being with your thoughts while hiking in nature, for example) count, too.


For me, my Healing Mindset Ultimate Healer is my morning soul time. I call it my “soul time” because I sit near my fireplace (yes, even in the summer) at dawn before anyone else is up and sip my lemon water or Cacao Bliss and journal. I allow my inner knowing to come through on those pages and I don’t judge anything I write. It is healing on such a powerful level and it’s my favorite way to start my day.


For you it may be sitting in the sunshine while visualizing yourself in the body of your dreams, feeling confident and surrounded by love for yourself and others. Or maybe it’s following a guided meditation while soaking in the tub after dinner. Or maybe it’s making a gratitude list before you go to bed each night. Whatever makes you feel like you can tap into your greatest truths in a way that makes you feel held and not judged, that’s your Healing Mindset Ultimate Healer. And you need to do more of it.


Action steps


  • Define your own Healing Mindset Ultimate Healer. Just like with food and movement, you can have a variety of things you enjoy, but choose one that brings you back to your center each time you do it.
  • Like movement, you need to block out time on your calendar for this. Remember, without the mindset piece, nothing else is as effective. Prioritize your Ultimate Mindset Healer.
  • Set up your space and leave yourself visual reminders. If you love morning soul time like me, set out your pen and journal the night before so you can sit down and get right to it. If you like sitting in the mid-day sun, what happens if it’s raining? Can you have a lightbox on standby that you can easily plug in? If you plan to meditate in the bath in the evening, set out a bag of Epsom salts, a fluffy towel, and a special candle so that when you see those things, your subconscious gets excited about your upcoming mindset time.
  • As you enjoy your Healing Mindset Ultimate Healer, allow the gratitude of engaging in this activity to wash over you. Our subconscious mind loves feelings and feeding it with positive feelings linked to your mindset activities makes the process more effective… and fun!

While the 3 pillars of ultimate health are broad, when life gets crazy, it’s nice to have one Ultimate Healer to turn to. Define yours and then put it into practice every single day. Your RISE awaits.

For more information and resources on the 3 pillars of Healing Foods, Healing Movement, and a Healing Mindset — including hundreds of recipes, meditations, and workouts for every fitness level — I invite you to request risk-free access to my membership program, Fit Rise 365. Click HERE to see if it’s the right fit for you.



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