Reach Your Best Health Through These 3 Pillars

If you think losing weight and getting healthy is “hard,” you are not alone. This is a common theme I hear as America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert.


But the truth is, it really isn’t as complex as you may think. You don’t need to count every calorie, track your macros, or do anything other than follow the 3 simple pillars I’m about to lay out for you.


These pillars have led to my greatest health and they’ve been the guideposts for thousands of others around the world, too. Over and over again, I have the joy of witnessing people stepping into their greatest health by keeping things simple and following a consistent plan.

So if you’re ready to RISE into massive and radical self-love, and love the body you live in, these are the “rules” that can help get you there. 


Pillar One: Healing Foods


I wholeheartedly believe in the old saying, “Let food be thy medicine.” I believe the food we put into our bodies has the ability to heal and increase vitality, energy, and feel-good hormones. All of my meal plans feature whole, natural, unprocessed foods that help awaken our cells and tap into our soul.


Pillar Two: Healing Movements


I believe that the quickest way to alter our state of being and pull ourselves out of a rut is by moving our bodies. When we move, we pump blood into our cells, which allows us to clear the cobwebs out of our minds, hearts, and souls.


Movement doesn’t have to be only intense workouts, though. It can be anything that gets you excited and gets your heart pumping. Dancing, yoga, pilates, hiking, swimming, biking, walking… it all counts. Do whatever floats your boat and do it consistently to change your body and your mood.


Pillar Three: Healing Mindset


You have the power to create joy or sadness — and success or failure — by the words you speak to yourself. This philosophy is not only backed by science, it's been a life-changing force in my life. And it's why all of my programs have a mindset component. Without the mindset piece in place, all your other houses of cards will come crashing down.


As you can see, the path to ultimate health is a lot simpler than you may think. It’s my life’s mission to help you rise into your greatest health and radical self-love through these 3 pillars and I’d love to help you start your journey when you’re ready to say YES to yourself and finally get the results you deserve.

Take my hand and try my Fit Rise 365 program today, risk-free. You’ll get all the recipes, workouts, meditations, and support you need to get results that last. Your time is now! Let’s do this together!


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