Secret Revealed: The First Thing You Should Put In Your Body Every Morning

As America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, not surprisingly, one of the most common questions I’m asked is: “Danette, what do you eat and drink every morning? How do you start your day?”


Start With Intention


The truth is, starting your day needs to be intentional. How easy would it be to wake up, hit the ground running, grab whatever’s in front of you, and zoom through your getting-ready routine before rushing out the door? It’s very easy! I’ve been there — we’ve all been there.

So the first thing I suggest is to wake up a few minutes early so you can truly start your day doing something powerful for yourself. Before you check your phone, hop in the shower, or serve anyone besides yourself, take the time to be alone and get centered within yourself. It will truly change you feel about your day.


Then Add This…


Here it is… the secret weapon for starting my morning. Are you ready?




Honestly. Lemon water. It’s that simple. Yes, I take my favorite Earth Echo supplements and eat lots of superfoods throughout the day, but the very first thing I put in my body is warm water with the juice of half of a fresh organic lemon squeezed in.


Here’s a full blog post I wrote on the benefits of lemon water, but the gist is that lemon water revs up your cells and sets you up for a day of making great choices for your health. When you honor your body right from the start of your day with something that truly benefits it, you’ve programmed your mind to keep that up. Make this a daily habit and your body will thank you.




I encourage all of my 30 Day New You Challenge participants to add something quite unexpected to their lemon water and now I’m going to share it with you too. What is it? Apple cider vinegar! But it must have “The Mother” in it. “The Mother” is a blob in the bottom of the bottle that makes the vinegar look spoiled, but it actually contains the proteins and bacteria that make the ACV so healthy. Adding a teaspoon of ACV to your lemon water, plus a dash of cayenne pepper, makes it a fired-up metabolism booster! (You can read more about the benefits of ACV in a blog post I wrote, HERE.)


Want More Secrets?


Now that I’ve shared my big, juicy day-starting secret with you, I have to be honest and let you know… there’s more where that came from!


You see, I’ve been in the health space a long time and I’ve put all my knowledge and experience together to create an amazing, loving community of women (and men) from all over the world who are on a journey toward their ultimate health. It’s called Fit Rise 365 and it’s an exclusive membership portal with healthy, delicious recipes, workouts for all fitness levels, meditations and mindset hacks, plus all the support you need to finally reach your health goals and hold onto them for good.

To learn more about Fit Rise 365, risk-free, just visit this link. I’d love to see you inside.




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