Drinking Tea Is A Real Life-Saver (New Study Results)

Tea has been around for centuries and by now most people know that drinking tea is good for you. Cultures all over the world revere the drink for its health benefits, and new evidence seems to show up all the time in support of sipping tea.


Like now.

New Study, Big Benefits


If you’re a habitual tea drinker, you have even more reason to rejoice — a new study shows that habitual “tea consumption is associated with reduced risks of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.”


What does that mean? 


Tea could help lengthen your life.


What is atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease?


Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (also known as atherosclerosis) is a build-up of fats, cholesterol, and other substances in and on the artery walls, causing a hardening or narrowing of the arteries. This buildup (called “plaque”) can reduce blood flow in the body and could possibly break off, creating a clot in an artery. It’s often the cause of heart attacks, strokes, and vascular disease.


Unless you’re specifically getting screened, you may not even realize you have atherosclerosis, since it often has no symptoms. Yikes!


More health benefits of tea


In addition to this powerful new finding, tea’s health benefits are a-plenty. While each kind of tea (green, black, white, etc.) has its own array of benefits, tea in general boasts health-helping properties that may: 


  • Help your body fight damage from pollution and free-radicals, thanks to antioxidants (white tea is highest in antioxidants)
  • Sooth your digestive system (ginger tea for nausea, chamomile tea for its antispasmodic properties)
  • Boost your immune system through anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties (tulsi tea may be a good choice)


Studies have also shown that tea may help with everything from cancer to diabetes to weight loss to mental alertness… and more!


Tea also contains less caffeine than coffee and, as longs as you don’t add extras like sweetener or milk, tea is virtually calorie-free.


So feel good about brewing a cup of your favorite blend and share this information with your tea-drinking (or even coffee-drinking) friends. Everyone could use a cup of good health!


Speaking of good health…


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