The Simplest Change You Can Make to Melt Fat

We’ve all seen the articles that say we should drink eight glasses of water a day. Maybe you’ve seen articles that say this isn’t necessary. Maybe you’ve seen articles that say you should drink even more! What’s the real answer? How much water should you really drink every day, and why is it so important? Let’s take a closer ... Read More »

4 Reasons Not to Touch Palm Oil with a 10 Foot Pole

Like the name suggests, palm oil comes from the fruit of the palm tree. The number of packaged foods you'll find this "edible" (and I use that term loosely) oil in is mind blowing. Just go to your cupboard and grab any packaged food. You'll most likely find palm oil on the list of ingredients. It's in everything from chocolates and soups to ... Read More »

6 Hottest Healthy Food Trends for 2017

There are a few things that happen with every new year. The ball drops in New York’s Times Square, people make New Year’s Resolutions to get healthier and experts make predictions about what the year’s new trends will be. I'm all for people getting healthy, and I hope that you’ll stick to the pledges you’ve made to improve your own health ... Read More »

5 Winning Recipes from My Tribe Sisters

My Tribe sisters and I had a lot of fun with this Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge last month! I challenged my members to post their own healthy creations as a way to keep us all focused on eating clean (and all the while SUPER YUMMY) foods during the month of December. There's a lot of temptation to fall off track from health goals during the ... Read More »

11 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

When you’re eating healthy foods, you feel better. People who don’t pay attention to their diet and fitness don’t understand it, but it’s true. You have more energy, you feel stronger, and yes, you look better too. Research has shown that your diet can have a direct impact on your skin. It affects hormone levels so when you’re eating ... Read More »

Forget Counting Calories! (Count These Instead)

Does information overload on food and health throw you off? Something as simple as your daily groceries can become a feat with questions like, ''Is that new organic product in the market healthy or not?!'' OR ''Is it okay to eat this fruit or will it skyrocket my blood sugar?'' If you're nodding your head, "yes!" read on. There's a tool ... Read More »

5 Ways to Eat More Resistant Starch (and why you should)

You're probably familiar with dietary fiber and its role in your health. But, you may not be aware of it's cousin,"resistant starch." It's a type of fiber that has the beneficial effects of both soluble and insoluble fiber. What is resistant starch? It's a type of carbohydrate (starch) that your body cannot digest. It is resistant to ... Read More »

Winning Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant

First, I want to thank all of my wonderful members (I call them my tribe sisters) who submitted their yummy creations for my Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge! There were hundreds of deliciously healthy recipes to try, and I had so much fun trying them. This recipe was a real stand out and with one bite you'll see why it was named the winning ... Read More »

Flourless Brownies with Ganache Topping

Wait until you see what member Holly Kerl of Spokane, Washington has in store for your taste buds today! Holly's mouthwatering brownie recipe was chosen as a finalist in my Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge last month and it's as healthy as it is delicious. All of my tribe sisters raved about it too and I'm so excited to share it with ... Read More »

I Am Healthy Banana Bread

You're gonna love this indulgent treat! This deliciously satisfying recipe was one of the Top 5 recipes submitted by my members last month! There were hundreds of recipes submitted, but one bite of this and you'll know why it was selected as a finalist in my recent Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge. Thanks again to member, Michelle ... Read More »