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6 Simple Tricks to Skyrocket Your Metabolism

When it comes to weight loss, metabolism is a hot topic. People who have a hard time losing weight blame a slow metabolism. People who hope to boost their weight loss efforts want to speed up their metabolism. Is there truth to the idea that a faster metabolism means quicker weight loss? And if so, how do you make yours faster? When we ... Read More »

5 Benefits of Eating Tomatoes (you’ll be surprised)

You probably already know that tomatoes are a healthy choice. They're known for being high in vitamin C and their juicy good flavor. You find them in soups, and as a base for other recipes, because of their versatile nature. The subtle sweetness complemented with an acidic taste brings out a mix of flavors to any dish. What you might not ... Read More »

Yummy Fat Burning Meatball Recipe

Prepping healthy foods ahead of time can make your life so much easier and your fitness goals that much closer to attainment. This healthy meatball recipe is super delicious and easy to have as a snack or main meal. This recipe makes a double batch because I like to freeze the leftovers for later. They're great portable protein snacks. ... Watch Video »

10 Things to Know About Ginkgo Biloba

If it seems like Ginkgo Biloba is the next big thing, then we have news for you. Researchers say that the Ginkgo Biloba tree is the oldest tree species around! It’s also one of the oldest plant extracts to be used as a medicine. The Chinese have been using it to treat a wide range of illnesses for centuries. So what does Ginkgo Biloba ... Read More »

5 Liver Cleansing Foods You Need to Eat

Your liver probably doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Being your body's largest gland, it plays a major role in keeping us healthy and energetic. Yet, it does not get as much attention as the heart or brain. It's high time to show your liver some love! Here are some of the key things your liver does for your body: Helps ... Read More »

Cellular VS Acellular Carbs

You need a combination of carbs, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins, to live a healthy lifestyle. Carbs, protein and fat are ''Macronutrients.'' Macronutrients are where we get our energy from. Vitamins and minerals are "micronutrients,'' as they do not provide energy, but help in the development of our bodies. Sounds simple right? Yet there ... Read More »

9 Ways Your Body Will Thank You for Drinking Almond Milk

More and more people today are drinking almond milk. Have you jumped on the bandwagon? If not, then you're missing out on the many benefits it offers. Almond milk is loaded with important nutrients that make a big difference in your overall health and on top of that, it tastes delicious! Almond milk is made from ground almonds and ... Read More »

8 Ways Honey and Cinnamon Team Up to Heal Your Body

One of the best things about superfoods is that they’re not just nutritious, they’re also delicious! Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to honey and cinnamon. They’re two of my favorite flavors. When they’re combined they can do your body a world of good. You may think of honey and cinnamon as a dessert or breakfast cereal ... Read More »

The Simplest Change You Can Make to Melt Fat

We’ve all seen the articles that say we should drink eight glasses of water a day. Maybe you’ve seen articles that say this isn’t necessary. Maybe you’ve seen articles that say you should drink even more! What’s the real answer? How much water should you really drink every day, and why is it so important? Let’s take a closer ... Read More »

Top 6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss Efforts

Almost half of the people in the United States say that they’d like to lose weight, and roughly 1 in 4 are actively trying. If you’ve ever dieted, you know it can be hard. A study out of UCLA found that when people do lose weight, they tend to put it back on. The same study showed that within a few years, roughly one-third of dieters put on ... Read More »