Tweak Your Gut to Lose Your Belly

If I asked you…'What's the most powerful part of your body?'  

Many would be surprised to know that the answer is…your gut.

Your gut has 10 times more bacteria than all the cells in your body!

It has a strong influence on your health. Gut flora impacts everything from weight problems to allergies to serious auto-immune disorders.

By the way, we're not even talking about the same species here, but over 400 identified bacterial species!

Amazing right?

Here's another fact for you – a whopping 70- 90% of your immune system resides in your gut.

Now you know why it is such a hot topic.

Research in the last decade has shown changes in your gut flora impacts you in many ways including weight issues.

But how exactly can you lose your belly by tuning this gut flora?

I am getting there in a moment, but before that it let's see what it means to have a healthy gut flora?

  • More energy
  • Better absorption of nutrients from food
  • A strong immune system
  • Better brain function
  • Less allergies
  • Great stamina
  •  Efficient metabolism (burning of energy)

How gut health impacts weight loss?

 Little bit of science here…

A comparison of the gut bacterial between obese and lean people was the first study that showed a possible impact of gut flora on weight problems.

The study showed that obese people had poor diversity of bacteria. Obese people had huge differences in the gut flora when compared to lean people.

Researchers also noticed that obese individuals burned their calories via a different metabolic pathway.  This made them use less calories and stay fat.

Another study came out with similar findings. This study observed weight patterns among 2 groups of children in the first 10 years of life.

In one group mothers had taken probiotics 4 weeks before delivery and 6 months after delivery. Those children showed healthy weight patterns.

Researchers agreed that probiotic supplements helped protect against excessive weight gain in the first 10 years.

These are just 2 studies. There are several mechanisms that explain how gut flora influence weight loss.

In particular an enzyme called AMPk (AMP activated protein kinase) is most researched.

AMPk is a chief enzyme that determines the body fat composition and your belly fat in particular.

Eating probiotic foods help to lower insulin resistance and help activate AMPk. An active AMPk means  you will have no problem maintaining your ideal body weight.

What to do to improve gut health? 4 Things

Luckily, to maintain a set of good flora in your gut is not tough.

As a matter of fact you can eat your way to a healthy gut with some tasty choices and still maintain a healthy weight too..

1. Consume plenty of probiotics:

Probiotics are direct source of healthy bacteria. Foods such as

  • yogurt
  • kimchi
  • temeh
  • kambucha
  • kefir
  • sauerkraut

contain plenty of healthy bacteria that provide a diverse of bacterial species.

Try different probiotic foods each day to get a variety of beneficial species from your probiotic source.

2. Don't forget prebiotics:

Prebiotics are foods that encourage the growth of beneficial flora in your gut but are not direct source of good bacteria.

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • all fiber-rich produce
  • lentils
  • dry beans like chick peas

are great foods to encourage healthy flora in your gut.

3. Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise promotes  a healthy weight but is also found to increase  good bacteria.

A 2014 study by Irish researchers showed that with the right type of foods and regular exercise athletes were able to improve their gut flora.

4. Eat clean:

Eating clean ingredients (meaning, less processed and more fresh produce) is another great favor you can do to your gut.

Bottom line – stay active, choose clean, fresh produce everyday to nurture good bacteria in your body.

In return, your gut will thank you with clear skin and a healthy body weight.

Yours in Health,


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