The Great Big Breakfast Roundup: 12 Healthy & Delicious Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You already know this, so why is it so hard to prioritize it some days? 


Maybe you’re short on time in the mornings, or maybe you’re fresh out of new breakfast ideas. Whatever prevents you from fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to power through your day, this Healthy Breakfast Recipe Roundup promises to be your fix.

Oat, Yeah!


In my house, oatmeal shows up at breakfast several days a week, and for good reason. Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants and soluble fiber, may lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar control… and more! Oh, and it’s super filling and totally versatile. See below for some ideas! 


Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

As the name might imply, this is a make-ahead treat that tastes oh-so-indulgent. But you might be surprised to hear that it’s actually super healthy! Featuring Cacao Bliss and natural sweeteners, this yummy recipe makes 4 servings so you can either feed the whole family or have some on hand for several days.


Fruity Fat-Burning Fridge Oats

Another favorite overnight oat recipe, this one requires only 5 ingredients and can be tweaked to include your favorite fruit of choice. Save time and start your day off right! Win-win!


Strawberry Shortcake Protein Oatmeal

A stick-to-your-ribs oatmeal recipe named after a dessert? Do I know how to do breakfast, or what? One taste of these oats and I suspect they’ll shoot straight to the top of your favorites list… and, honey, no one would blame you. Enjoy!


Egg-Cellent Choices


Vitamins. Minerals. Proteins. Healthy fats. Yep! Eggs have them all. That’s why they’re such a huge part of healthy eating menus and why many people choose to start their day with them.


While you’re certainly welcome to have them plain, here are a few of my favorite recipes that integrate eggs while amping up the health quotient — and flavor — even more.


Southwest Breakfast Burrito

Along with the southwest kick you’d expect given the name of this recipe, you’ll also get loads of filling fiber and satisfying texture. 


Omelets For One, On-The-Run

Give me 30 minutes and I’ll give you a filling breakfast you can prep on Sunday and have on hand for the entire week. Bonus? They’re portable and poppable.


Egg White and Spinach Quiche

Easy enough to pull together in the morning and pretty enough to bring to a gathering, this yummy quiche is a fan — and family — favorite. It also reheats easily! 


Spinach Scramble

Attention all you scramble lovers, this one’s for you! 4 ingredients are all you need to whip this recipe up, so no excuses that you can’t get a hot, nutritious, and flavorful breakfast in your belly, any day of the week.


Healthy Pancakes and Muffins? Oh, Yes!


If you think pancakes and muffins are off-limits when you’re on a healthy eating plan, I’m happy to say you’re mistaken. (Yay!) Try one of these three recipes and let me know just how much you miss frozen waffles or processed sugary pancakes when you’re done. (Spoiler alert: you won’t miss them at all.)


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Easily one of the most popular recipes I’ve ever shared. Equal parts tart and sweet, these pancakes are always a hit.


Blueberry Pancakes

Made with a few “unexpected” ingredients, I can pretty much promise your taste buds won’t know what hit them after you make these special pancakes.


Banana Oat Flax Muffins

If you love to make and freeze muffins for quick-grab treats (or, in this case, breakfast), this is the perfect recipe. (If you can keep them around that long.)


Slurp Your Starter


If sitting down to eat isn’t in your morning schedule, try these slurpable favorites! With a little prep time and some simple ingredients, you can have a guilt-free breakfast on the go.


Skinny Blueberry Blast Protein Smoothie

Featuring one of the world’s most powerful and popular superfoods alongside only 4 other ingredients, put your blender to work, and out the door you go!


Rich and Creamy Breakfast Popsicles

Feel free to use your fruit of choice here. These breakfast popsicles are creamy, soothing, and scrumptious!


More Breakfasts In a Click


If these breakfast ideas have you feeling inspired, there’s more where that came from!


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