The AHA Got it Wrong on Coconut Oil

The American Heart Association's presidential statement on saturated fats is appalling. The AHA went after butter, steak and especially coconut oil with a warning. According to the AHA: Saturated fats from these sources cause heart disease. Lowering saturated fats and replacing it with unsaturated fats lower heart disease incidence. The ... Read More »

2 Reasons to Eat Bitter Melon (and a warning)

We’ve all heard of foods and plants that have been used by native people as cures. Some of them have been used for hundreds or thousands of years. In most cases, they’re foods that we know and are used to seeing or eating. But every once in a while you come across something you’ve never heard of before. That’s definitely the case with bitter ... Read More »

5 Foods Your Body Needs (especially during flu season)

What you eat makes a big difference when it comes to health. Have you noticed this? When you feel under the weather, you naturally gravitate toward certain foods. Your digestive system slows down, and by default, you crave a hot soup or a simple meal. It's simple logic. It all boils down to the old saying, "you are what you eat." So, ... Read More »

What the Heck is MCT and Should I Take it?

If you're health savvy, you may have heard the word MCT. It has become popular due to its outstanding health benefits. In fact, some of the remarkable benefits of coconut oil are due to the presence of MCTs in them. What are MCTs? MCT is the short form for "Medium Chain Triglycerides," a type of healthy saturated fat. It has one or more ... Read More »

10 Reasons to Eat Raw Cacao

When you hear the word “cacao”, do you automatically think of a rich, chocolate dessert? There's no denying cacao is a tasty treat. But when you think of cacao, the first thing that should come to mind is SUPERFOOD. That’s because pure, raw cacao is one of the healthiest things you can eat, and seriously skyrockets your health! It ... Read More »

8 Miraculous Benefits of Black Onion Seed

Have you heard of Black Onion Seeds? It’s natural to think that it would come from an onion plant, but they’re the seeds of the black caraway fruit or Nigella. The plant grows in Asia. The seeds are also called “kalonji”. It's used as a spice in the Middle East, and in Indian food for its unique flavor. Its taste has been described as a ... Read More »

4 Reasons to Never Throw Pumpkin Seeds Away

It's pumpkin season and most of you have one on your front porch by now! If you're like most, the first thing you do is scoop out the seeds and throw them away. But wait!! What if I tell you these seeds can help your hair grow faster, maintain your bone health and much more? Would you still throw them away?! Yes! These seeds are full ... Read More »

How to Use the Glycemic Index to Lose More Weight

Are you losing weight only to find that the pounds return, and you weigh more than you did before you started your last diet the last time? Have you been trying all types of diet plans - low fat, high protein and nothing helps? Lost track of how long you've been trying to release weight with no results? I get your pain. In a ... Read More »

3 Powerful Things Happen When You Eat More Oregano

Oregano is an essential herb in Greek and Italian kitchens. Just a few teaspoons of the herb adds great flavor and complexity to the dish. If you think of oregano only as a taste and flavor enhancer, think again! This lovely herb from the mint family has more to offer than you can imagine. Here are some quick facts you should know ... Read More »

6 Natural Antibiotics (from your kitchen)

You may use an astringent to clean your face. But have you ever heard of astringent foods? Long before scientists came up with antibiotics, people were using foods and herbs to fight off germs and sickness. These natural cures and preventatives are even better than the drugs you get at the drug store because your body won’t build up a ... Read More »