What is Breadfruit? 5 Amazing Benefits

Have you ever heard of a breadfruit? They’re not very well known in the United States, but they will be soon. Breadfruit may just be the next superfood, and with good reason. This tropical fruit that’s about the size of a cantaloupe has loads of high-quality protein as over 100% of the daily dose of Vitamin C you should get. Add to ... Read More »

Warning About Artificial Sweeteners

If you've been using artificial sweeteners to lose weight or to lower sugar intake, read this before you open another one of those brightly colored packets. Before I tell you why you need to stay away from them, let me clarify what I mean when I say "artificial sweetener." Artificial sweetener – What is it? Artificial sweeteners are sugar ... Read More »

Magical Fruit Stabilizes Blood Sugar

If you have fluctuating blood sugar levels, you know all about the ups and downs. You've been dealing with weakness, extreme hunger, irritability and a feeling of constant exhaustion. The good news is by mindful eating and choosing the right foods you can avoid these fluctuations. The answer could be as simple as eating a daily serving ... Read More »

Superfood Hot Chocolate Recipe

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year...to drink Superfood Hot Cocoa! I'll share 2 different recipes today. One that your littles will love and the adult version of this recipe that both your body and your taste buds will adore! I hope you and your family enjoy this delicious soul soothing drink as much as I do. Yours in ... Watch Video »

Top 8 Food Allergies and How to Eat Healthy Despite Them

It’s possible to be allergic to just about anything that you eat or drink. But there are 8 foods that are more likely than any others to cause a reaction. 8 foods cause 90% of all food allergic reactions: 1. Dairy 2. Egg 3. Wheat 4. Soy 5. Peanuts 6. Tree nuts 7. Fish 8. Shellfish I recommend for everyone to avoid wheat ... Read More »

6 Demonized Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Don’t eat this. Do eat that. We hear so much about what’s good for us or bad for us that it’s hard to know what to believe. Even if you do the research to see what’s true, there are probably some food myths that you’ve held on to through the years. Whether you heard a diet expert on TV or it’s what your mom told you when you were a kid, ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Add Fenugreek to Your Menu

Have you wondered about the characteristic aroma of curry powder? It's because of the spice, fenugreek! Curry powder is a mix of many spices but it's the fenugreek which gives curry that special flavor. Fenugreek has a long history in Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The seeds and leaves give a pungent aroma and have a slight bitter ... Read More »

Wild Caught VS Farm Raised Salmon

Salmon is one of my favorites. I like it not only because it's tasty and easy to cook, it's outstanding from a nutritional standpoint too. It's a rich protein and omega-3 source that experts recommend eating at least once a week. In fact, it tops the list of best protein sources that pack a big punch of omega-3's. Omega-3's are the kind of ... Read More »

4 Powerful Reasons to Pop Open a Pomegranate

Have you noticed that pomegranates are in season now? Those bright red seeds sure are tempting! Yet, the thought of prying open a pomegranate to get to those edible seeds can be intimidating. If you've been avoiding pomegranate for this reason, you've been missing out on some serious goodness. First, you're missing on the burst of sweet, ... Read More »

6 Seriously Healthy Pastas

Americans have such a love affair with pasta that you’d think we’d invented it. In fact, we eat 24% of the world’s pasta consumption. That’s more than any other country! Unfortunately, as delicious and cheap as pasta is, most of it is not very good for us. Here's the problem with traditional pasta. (And don't worry, later I'll let you ... Read More »