The Fat-Burning “Sniff Trick”: How Mint, Banana, and Apple Scents Boost Fat Loss

Do you realize that if you were blindfolded and plugged your nose that you couldn't tell if you were eating an apple or an onion? It's true!  You can even test it yourself! You see, our olfactory sense (brainiac translation = "our sense of smell") is directly tied in with our brain's perception of what we eat, and as recent research has ... Read More »

3 “healthy” pastas to eat for faster fat-loss

One of the biggest myths in the fat-loss industry is that carbs like pasta make you fat. Don’t get me wrong…unhealthy pastas (we’ll get to the 3 healthy ones in sec), and certain carbs can definitely cause more fat storage. They can also lead to insulin resistance and cause certain food sensitivities that will KEEP you in a fat storing ... Read More »

Top 5 BANNED foods (Are they in your house?)

My friend and controversial nutrition “Nerd” Nick Pineault contributed this concerning article. It turns out that a lot of banned foods end up in our grocery cart – and contain hidden toxic chemicals that increase your risks of disease and storing belly fat. Read the article and tell me what you think in the comments ... Read More »

The Best Protein Bars In The World!

I have literally tried every protein bar on the market trying to find the bar with healthy ingredients that actually tastes good... You see, the problem with most protein bars is there's always a catch 22...the bars that taste good have way too much sugar or contain harmful chemicals. And the bars that have healthy ingredients taste like ... Watch Video »

The 4 “secret” spices that boost your metabolism

Developing a good habit can be difficult, but it’s a lot less challenging than kicking a bad one! You might be surprised to know that there is one good habit that can not only boost your metabolism and help you lose weight faster, but it’s also easy to build: spicing up your meals. Incorporating spicy foods and utilizing spices in your meals ... Read More »

The Best Fat Blasting Workout When You’re Short On Time

Few of us have the luxury of having plenty of time to exercise every day. While life can often get in the way, not being physically active on a regular basis can cause your energy levels to plummet and your waistline to quickly thicken. So what do you do if you’re struggling to find the time to work out? Turn to high intensity interval training, ... Read More »

Fat Burning Cookie Dough Recipe

Fat Burning Cookie Dough 2 TBsp Raw unsalted almond butter 1/4 c. Chocolate Whey Protein (click HERE to see my favorite protein powder) 1/4 c. Almond flour 1 TBsp Raw Honey (Correction - the video said 2 TBsp, but it should be 1TBsp) 1 tsp. Water 1/4 c. Dark Chocolate nibs (73% or higher) Mix until smooth and enjoy! Much ... Watch Video »

The Missing Link in Your Weight Loss: Better Breathing

When most of us think about losing weight and becoming fit, we tend to concentrate on our activity levels and what we eat, and rightly so, but achieving success often involves other factors too. If you’re struggling to lose those unwanted pounds, better breathing may be the missing link in your plan. About now you might be shaking your head ... Read More »

The 3 SNEAKY Secrets Behind The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Makes for Great TV Not Real Life Weight Loss Success When NBC’s popular reality show “The Biggest Loser” crowned their winner last week, a social media firestorm erupted over the controversy surrounding the 24-year-old who set a record for the highest percentage total body weight loss in the show’s history. Rachel ... Read More »

The One “Trick” That Kills Hunger Pangs

Who hasn’t tried to battle hunger pangs and lost? It’s the biggest reason that dieters give up and get off track, losing the will power to achieve their weight loss and fitness goal.  If you’re hungry between meals and only have unhealthy snacks to turn to, it’s almost impossible to resist giving in. Constant hunger is extremely difficult to ... Read More »