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What I Keep In My Kitchen For Flat Abs

I'm going to show you what's in my fridge, in fact, you'll find out all the staples I keep in my kitchen for getting and maintaining flat abs. And don't forget the workouts I do for flat can grab a FREE copy of my Flast Abs Fast DVD (just cover the shipping and handling)! Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. Please ... Watch Video »

What To Do If You Are A Picky Eater?

The question I get asked a lot is what do I do to eat healthy if I'm a picky eater or have allergies? This video will answer this question to help you eat healthy and introduce new foods into your diet. Also, here's my Hummus Beet Wrap Recipe. Even if you think you don't like beets, I encourage you to give this a try. You might be ... Watch Video »

These 3 Fatty Acids Fight Depression, Cancer and Boost Brain Power

Chances are that you have heard of Omega-3s, and you likely also know that they're good for you. They help fight depression and anxiety. They can improve your eye and heart health and they fight inflammation. You probably also have a pretty good idea of what foods are high in Omega-3s: Fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines and ... Read More »

Visceral Fat (why it’s the deadliest)

How do you carry your extra weight? Are you pear shaped or are you apple shaped? Though many people think this question only counts for deciding what style of bathing suit they should wear, it’s actually a lot more important than that. People who are pear shaped and who carry their fat in their lower body have subcutaneous fat. ... Read More »

All About Tiger Nuts

Have you heard of Tiger Nuts? They are an ancient food that our ancestors ate about 2 million years ago. They're considered a weed in many places. They grow under the ground with a big tuft of grass appearing above ground. This food was first eaten in Africa and has recently been re-introduced as a superfood. Tiger Nuts are not actually a ... Read More »

Is Raw Food Healthier than Cooked Food?

Have you heard of the Raw Food Movement? It’s just what it sounds like. It is a movement of people who only eat raw food. They do it because they think that when food is cooked over 112 degrees, it loses its living enzymes. There are some raw foodists who only eat raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. They're called “raw vegans”. Then there ... Read More »

What I Eat For Breakfast

I want to share with you what I eat for breakfast almost every morning. In this video, you’ll find two recipes that I eat a lot to start my day off right! Eggs and Ezekiel Bread English Muffin with Jam Ingredients: 2-3 eggs or egg whites Ezekiel Bread English Muffin Coconut Oil Strawberry Jam 100% real fruit Chia Pudding ... Watch Video »

How To Find The Perfect Workout Routine For You

I'm excited to share with you how to find the perfect workout routine for you! So many people wonder what is the best workout? What should I be doing? Watching today's video will help you find those answers. Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. Please share this video with your friends and I love to hear from you in the ... Watch Video »

Top 8 Foods You Think Are Healthy (but are not)

You’ve decided that the time has come. You are going to improve your health. You will start to work out every single day. You pledge to eat nothing but healthy foods. You set an alarm to make sure that you go to sleep on time so you can get a full eight hours every single night. Good for you – all those plans sound great! The first ... Read More »

Is My Poop Normal?

There are a few things that all of us do from the moment that we are born. We all breathe and eat and sleep, and we all pee and poop. Despite the fact that going to the bathroom is such a shared experience, talking about it is strangely uncomfortable. What comes out of our bodies when we move our bowels gives us a lot of good information ... Read More »