6 Foods That Will Make Your Menopause Miserable!

For some women, menopause is no big deal. Their periods stop over time and they’re not bothered by hot flashes, insomnia, or any of the uncomfortable symptoms.

Others find themselves suffering from all of them.

Are hot flashes, depression, night sweats, memory problems and fatigue making you miserable? Changing your diet can help.

Many of the foods we eat make these symptoms worse, and cutting them out can make a big difference.

Whether you’re just starting perimenopause or you’ve stopped having your periods but are still having problems, here’s a list of 6 foods to avoid.

1. Caffeine

The caffeine in coffee, tea, cola and even dark chocolate can trigger hot flashes. It also makes it harder to fall asleep.

If you must have coffee, only drink it in the morning. Drink plenty of water in the afternoon and night.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol can have some health benefits, but not when it comes to menopause. It dilates your blood vessels, and that leads to hot flashes. It can also make insomnia worse, and can add to bloating and weight gain.

If you really love your wine, keep it to one glass a day. And try to avoid having it too close to bed time.

3. Sugary treats

You know sweet treats aren’t good for you. They contain sugar that adds to bloating and weight gain. The quick rise you get in blood glucose level also leads to a big dip that will leave you even more tired. And it causes hot flashes too.

Choose fresh fruit instead.

4. Salty foods

Salty snacks and frozen or prepared foods can lead to bloating and weight gain. They also cause night sweats.

Put the salt shaker down and snack on healthy nuts and seeds instead.

Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are particularly good. They contain healthy plant estrogens that help keep your hormones in balance and control cholesterol.

Menopause symptoms can be bad enough without eating foods that make them worse!

5. Spicy foods

You may love chili peppers – and they may boost metabolism – but they also raise your body temperature and cause hot flashes.

Satisfy your need for flavor by adding more fresh herbs to your foods. Try mint, cilantro, fennel seed or rosemary.

6. Soy products

A lot of people think soy products like tofu and soy milk are good for menopause symptoms because they are phytoestrogens. Studies have shown that not to be true.

In fact, one study showed that eating soy can lower levels of estrogen in the body and set off hot flashes.

So What SHOULD I Eat?

  • More complex carbs like brown grains and quinoa to help you feel full and to balance blood sugar.
  • Legumes, nuts and seeds will help improve dry skin.
  • Protein foods like turkey or cottage cheese that are high in tryptophan will fight irritability and insomnia.
  • Vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and yogurt will help fight calcium loss.

Maybe most important of all, keep on moving! Exercise will keep your bones strong, improve your mood, and keep your weight under control.

Yours in Health,


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